Instagram is a photo sharing social network. It is a very popular site thanks to the advent of improved smartphone cameras. People can now snap photos of anything and post them on the network for other people to see. Of late, the Instagram has been in a transition phase between personal and business use. However, unlike Pinterest and Facebook, Instagram doesn’t have any business-specific features. Not many businesses use it in marketing. This is probably the main reason why you should make use of the social network now before more people learn of it. But how exactly can you use Instagram in ecommerce?

Integrate feeds to your ecommerce site

The best way to use Instagram in ecommerce is to integrate the photos into your ecommerce website. Dynamic images on your website will surely add life to your web design and boost interaction. You can display the photos of your brand’s merchandise or people wearing or using them. The photos in the feed can be customized so that when someone clicks on an image a pop-up window will appear showing the products in the photo. The good news is that there are many tools you can use to make your work easier when adding feeds to your ecommerce site. Each tool has unique features which you can use to your advantage.

Sell via Instagram

One thing you need to note about Instagram is that it doesn’t allow users to embed live hyperlinks alongside their images. This makes it hard for the merchants to facilitate easy clicks to the relevant product pages on ecommerce sites. The good news is there are app providers who found a way to make it possible for you to turn Instagram into a sales channel. The app providers include Inselly, Soldsie and Instaorders. You should give these apps a try if you wish to sell directly to your real Instagram followers.

Show customers using your products

This is a great way to call attention to your products. You can encourage customers to share photos of them using the products you sell through your hashtag. Displaying the products on your Instagram will help draw attention and instill confidence in potential buyers.

In the same vain, you can take lifestyle photos. These are images that resemble the real-life settings. Most brands use this method in marketing. If you sell clothing, you can add photos of your customers wearing your products.

Run contests

There is no better way of drawing attention and getting more followers than by running contests. They offer a great way of engaging your users on the social platforms. For this to work, the contestants should get a chance to win something great. For example, if you sell smartphones, the lucky contestants should be able to walk away with one of the smartphones you sell.

There is a lot more that can be done. You can show behind-the-scenes photos, add photos for celebrating the seasons, use the video capabilities to promote your products and so much more. You just need to keep an eye on what other marketers are doing and use the best trends.