Why is American TV still so strict on censorship? Let’s look at some cold hard facts about our society. Children today know more about sex, drugs, and crime than we did back in the 70’s. The kids of today are early starters when it comes to things we label as mature.

With all the violence in games and on TV, why do we still censor certain actions and words? For example, if you watch the Sopranos you could pretty much figure out many of the “bleeped” out words and sexual content. I find it rather strange or in this case inconsistent that you can’t show someone giving the bird (Sticking up the middle finger), but you can say the word blowjob, and describe a man going down on the same.

TV shows such as “Talk Shows” like Jerry Springer are absolutely foul and should never be aired in the middle of the day where most children have access to this kind of programming. What about commercials like Viagra and Cialis that pretty much spell out what the drug is used for. Do you think children between 12 and 14 can’t figure this out? They can, and I am sure most parents think that these commercials need to be aired in the evenings only.

TV has really changed over the last 20 years, but they need to be more consistent about censorship.

What are your thoughts on this subject?