Top 8 Website Designing Tips

by on 09/26/2017 in Web Development

Website designs are essential when you are thinking to help a business gain online presence. It is important that your website gets globally recognized and also enjoys good search page ranking. This will help in bringing more traffic to the website. You also need to make sure that the web pages are not too flashy, but simple. With advancement in the world of technology, numerous website designing trends have come up.

This article unfolds some of the popular website designing tips that you can use for creating an amazing website for your business.

  1. It is recommended not to include images in the website that are above a few kilobytes. You should always use images that are of 1- to 12 Kb only. This will make sure that your webpage does not take much time for loading when the user clicks on the same. This is among one of the basic website designing tips that you need to adhere to.
  2. It is not mandatory to include numerous images in the webpage unless it is meant entirely for images. You must strike a prominent balance between the content included in the page and the images used. The images and content should relate to each other effectively. Overloading the webpages simply with some unnecessary images will only increase the page loading time; and hence, there are higher chances of your website being avoided by the target customers.
  3. Don’t try using images coming in multiple colors that blink and flash comically. This is one of the worst ever strategies used in the development of a webpage. The readability of the web page content can also be destroyed by the use of too many animated images. A poor quality content has to be avoided. Just try to incorporate something which seems more attractive.
  4. It is considered safe to go ahead with the standard website layouts, as they will create a This type of a website layout is particularly designed on the basis of certain studies related to the world of the Internet. Therefore, if you are now hiring any website designing service; rather than falling for some silly layout, you need to go with some meaningful designs only.
  5. Fit white spaces wherever you find them necessary. In case the site appears completely empty or is overloaded without any vacant space, you are absolutely in for the shock. This kind of web page is not going to stand in the market. Do remember that it is very important to manage the white space in the web designs.
  6. Merging the layout and graphics promptly is the skill possessed by a reliable website designer. These kinds of websites work wonders and also attract users.
  7. The font used by you in the webpage is equally important. It is suggested to use fonts that are used in the daily life. This is because such fonts are eye-soothing and readable.
  8. Just like the images, ads too have to be small and effectively placed at positions which don’t interrupt the main content.

Following these web designing tips will help you to build a website for your business successfully.

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    Oct 9th, 2017

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    Nov 14th, 2017

    Currently , working in an advertising agency in hyderabad. These tips help me a lot!

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