Top 40 Data Protection Tips

by on 06/19/2017 in Data Backup, Security, Security Info & Tips

As we begin to store more of our data on the cloud, it is understandable that many people are concerned about the safety of their information. However, data storage security is not only important when you are using a cloud-based service, but also when you have information on your servers or hard drives. Here are our top 40 data protection tips that will help you keep your passwords and personal data secure.

  1. Encryption of data ensures that even if your information falls in the wrong hands, it takes the form of a code that a hacker cannot access without the encryption codes.
  2. Regular data backups ensure that if any system outage occurs, your data is still safe in another location.
  3. Cloud storage is a great option if you are worried about the security of your physical servers.
  4. Anti-malware software ensures harmful programs and files do not compromise your data.
  5. Through IT system maintenance, you can get your operating system upgraded with the latest security features.
  6. Automated updates are a great way to make sure you are using the most secure versions of programs.
  7. Keep your wireless network password protected.
  8. Keep your computer off when it is not being used.
  9. Keep your firewall enabled so spyware cannot get on your computer.
  10. Keep administrator access on your computer to only one person – yourself.
  11. Passphrases are more secure than passwords.
  12. Data stored on USB drives should be encrypted.
  13. Never store passwords on files that are accessible through a laptop or mobile device.
  14. Do not share media with your home network unless necessary.
  15. Overwrite files on your computer that are deleted.
  16. Remove old files from cloud backups too
  17. Regularly check application privacy settings.
  18. Do not give out your Wi-Fi password readily.
  19. Enable device-wiping from remote locations.
  20. Set privacy settings before the first use of a device.
  21. Lock all phones and tablets.
  22. Backup mobile device data too.
  23. Avoid automatic cloud storage uploads.
  24. Do not keep Bluetooth activated unless it is being used.
  25. Have anti-virus software on every desktop, laptop and smartphone you use.
  26. If using an Apple device, use Touch ID.
  27. Create content filters.
  28. Lock devices automatically after inactivity.
  29. Use a pattern or passcode to lock your phone and tablet.
  30. Do not install apps from unsafe sources.
  31. Keep smartphone in your pockets to avoid theft.
  32. Wipe hard drives before you sell or discard a device.
  33. When shopping in public on your mobile, keep an eye out for those who eavesdrop.
  34. Keep personally identifiable information or documents secure (not on the cloud).
  35. Regularly change passwords.
  36. Do not use your SSN, birth date or phone numbers as passwords.
  37. Do not share personal details with others on internet forums or social media.
  38. Avoid scam emails or websites that try to get your personal information.
  39. Only share passwords when absolutely necessary – and with those you trust completely.
  40. Use different passwords for each account.

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  1. gaudensia

    Jun 30th, 2017

    Very helpful tips o how to secure any information. You have really did a great job to educate and inform. Thank you for good work.

  2. Hamza Azam

    Jul 16th, 2017

    Can you recommend me a good free anti virus?

    • Frank Jovine

      Jul 30th, 2017


      If you have Windows 10 try Essentials…