Passwords are annoying but necessary. It can be challenging to come up with the right one, and then when you do and you can finally remember it, the password gatekeepers tell you to change it, again.

Oh, and make sure you have a capital letter, and a number, and a symbol, but no, not that symbol, and don’t use a word or part of a word you have used before. It can be exhausting.

However, passwords are important. We spend more time on our computers and phones than ever before. Our technology holds the key to our finances, our personal thoughts, travel plans, medical information, and browsing history. Many of us require the expertise of IT support companies to help us keep track of everything, and to keep things protected. Even when we can create a password that passes all the rules and is “strong,” there continue to be databreaches all the time. When this happens, we should call in the experts to ensure our data is secure.

Some people come up with all sorts of systems to create passwords that are different for each site, but still something they can remember. Others use password storage sites that only require you to remember one password to access all of them. And then there are some, who still to this day, continue to use the worst password of all time – “password”. It is hard to believe, but it happens more often than you think.

So, what are the top 20 most commonly used passwords online? Here is the list according to

20) 111111 – For the truly lazy password-creator.

19) Jennifer – Not only for people named Jennifer! Hey, don’t use your name as your password. Simple. Don’t use your name and your birthday either.

18) master – An old-school goody, but time to retire this one.

17) shadow – Maybe it’s a Linux thing?

16) Michael – There are a lot of Michaels out there. In the US alone, there are 4,290,062.

15) mustang – Sally?

14) abc123 – Simple as Do, Rae, Me, ABC, 123, baby you and me, girl. If you are going to go with a song, pick something less popular.

13) 696969 – Hmmm…no comment.

12) monkey – Dog, cat, cow, rabbit, horse, don’t choose any animal you learned in kindergarten.

11) letmein – A simple phrase, but not enough to keep you secure.

10) football – Considering there are two meanings here, one for soccer and one for American football, no wonder it is so popular.

9) baseball–You won’t hit any home runs with this one.

8) pussy – Or this one.

7) dragon – Perhaps a gamer thing?

6) 12345 – Because hackers would never guess this one, right?

5) qwerty – Don’t use its cousin “poiuy” either.

4) 1234 – Sigh.

3) 12345678 – Long sigh.

2) 123456 – Really, folks? Can we at least get an exclamation point in there or something?

1) password – The worst password of all time.

For all your passwords, you want to have at least 8 letters, with a mix of capitalized and lowercase. Include numbers and symbols, but don’t use anything personal – not your address, bank pin number, or date of birth. Keep track of them with a password service that requires you to only know one main password, and change them every 6 months.