Top 10 Mobile Accessories for 2018

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Smartphones are an essential part of our daily lives today. From watching videos on the internet to checking our daily e-mails, there is hardly anything that smartphones today are not capable of. The smartphone market as we know today is filled with a variety of options and this rapid proliferation is also surging the market for mobile accessories. Like smartphones, mobile accessories have also become a staple for our daily needs. There exists today a huge potential for the mobile accessories with innovators developing new techs like wireless chargers, camera modules, portable headphones, VR headsets, pocket printers, external battery packs and keyboard peripherals. As you can see, the market is not just limited to items of small nature. In this post, we shed light on some key technology trends that will dominate the mobile accessories market in 2018:

    1. Portable Power Banks:
      In a research conducted by Markets and Markets, it has been estimated that the power bank market is expected to grow by USD 25.16 billion by 2022 growing at an annual rate of 21.2%. The market holds immense potential which is likely to encourage small market players to wade their way through this industry. The current innovation trending here would be sleeker, more powerful power banks that will carry higher capacity capable of charging multiple devices at once.
    1. Fast Charging:
      Charging your phone is the hardest of things to indulge in. It seems like time just stands still when you are charging your phone. So, a solution to this growing problem was kind of necessary. The innovations here haven’t been disappointing and the introduction of USB chargers with higher current outputs have received a warm welcome. Today these chargers are being made more stable with more rugged braided cables. The use of QC technology and the move towards type C connectors are going to be some interesting developments to look forward to in 2018.
    2. Wireless Charging:
      Samsung has already made a stride in this field with other companies following suit. Eliminating cables allow for a clutter-free charging and of course, the public is loving this new innovation. While the availability of such chargers is limited in the market, there, however, is an increasing demand for smartphones with a wireless charging capacity and tech and mobile companies are looking to capitalize on this prospect. The coming year brings a lot of promises in this field.
    3. Wireless Audio:
      Audio gadgets have always had a steady demand regardless of other accessories in the market. The customer preference has seen an increasing trend from wired to wireless accessories and mobile brands have started to realize this change. Companies have now started to invest in R&D to improve the distance for wireless connectivity by making more ergonomic designs for customers. Wireless earbuds are also now a growing trend for users on the go. Portable speakers with long-lasting batteries and user-friendly designs and speakers that can attach themselves to phone or become phone stands are some exciting designs to look forward to in the coming year.
    4. Photography and Imaging:
      All of us like to take photographs and long gone are the days when your phone used to be equipped with just a 2MP camera to take photos. With the advent of technology, we now have clip-on lenses, pocket flashes and plug and play cameras that are easy to use and conveniently help deliver high-quality images. Clip-on lenses 10x macro lenses which magnetically work with mobile devices and can be easily be mounted onto phones while pocket flashes help provide continuous lighting that can be handheld can also plug into your phone’s jack. What better way to take great photos than taking a vacation. If you are looking for great deals then be sure to check Holiday deals @ Halfords.
    5. Storage:
      Mobile storage issues are faced by everyone. The increasing number of files, videos, and music that we share and store on your phones have started causing storage issues. The alternative, OTG pen drives which are multifunctional mobile and computer-based pen drives. In the same way, the coming year could very well see different charging cables being launched with slots for inserting memory cards that will act in the capacity of a storage device.
    6. Wireless Attachments:
      There has been a lot of development in this field and the coming year is surely going to be a lot more fun with the introduction of pocket printers and pico projectors. These portable mini printers will now help make your printing endeavor easy and even support customization of photos. The convenience and ease of use of these accessories are bound to ensure a greater demand in the near future.
    7. VR headsets:
      Perhaps the biggest innovation of the 21st century, VR headsets are changing the way we look at entertainment. Now you have the option of enjoying tv, playing games and watching videos with the introduction of virtual reality. This tech is only bound to grow in the coming years with many companies entering this niche market like Samsung, HTC, Oculus etc.
    8. Smart Wearables:
      Smart wearables are all the rage today with the market filled with smartwatches, fitness trackers that are capable of telling you more than just time. You can now receive texts and emails on your watch while on the go, make calls and even use different apps. These are bound to be the next big thing to watch out in 2018.
    9. Fixed mobile convergence and Femtocells:
      The introduction of this tech will be a huge development for mobile users. This technology will allow you to have one phone number with which you can communicate from virtually anywhere. Many times, due to network issues and possible foreign travel, you have to dump your sims in favour of a new one. Well, not anymore. A femtocell looks like a wi-fi router but performs the function of a cellular base tower. This means it can communicate directly with your cell phone and carry the signal to a larger network via a broadband line. Some companies like Sprint have already started to offer Femtocells on a trial basis. This could very well be the next big thing to watch out for the next coming year.

    So these are the top 10 technology trend for mobile accessories to watch out for in 2018. Be sure to keep an eye out for these techs next year around.

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    For me, Car charger and Car mount are top priorities when it comes to compatible accessories for my phones.

    From this post, I will get two more ideas to buy Wireless headset and fast charging cables.

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