The Queen of Conservatives

by on 08/27/2009 in Politics

It’s healthy now and then to take a look at the lunatic fringe…sometimes it even provides some comic relief.

With that I’d like to introduce the latest book by Ann Coulter: “Guilty”.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m a conservative myself, but Coulter is WAYYYYY out there…”ultra-conservative”, or “far-right”, or even the “lunatic fringe” (though I suspect Ms. Coulter would disagree with that last characterization).

Even when she’s being abrasive (which is often), her writing style is witty and lively…though she has been accused of being tasteless, and rightly so some times (or least in my opinion).

While I do agree with some of her views, there are some that are just too much for even a mainstream conservative to take.

For example, she defends “Tail Gunner Joe” McCarthy and the 1950’s HUAC witch hunt for communists. That, to me, was much akin to FDR’s consignment of the Japanese-Americans to “camps”…both were an abominable chapter in American history.

She also takes cheap shots at JFK. While some of it may be true, for example the notion that he was a philanderer and had an affair with Marilyn Monroe and a mobster’s girlfriend, he was nevertheless a hero of my youth, and as such is “off limits” for pot-shots. As most can remember where they were on 9/11, I can remember where I was when he was assassinated – in high school (Catholic I might add) Chemistry class.

However, Teddy Kennedy is not off limits, and Coulter resurrects Chappaquiddick throughout the book…”If Mary Jo could float she might have been president.”

And what would a Coulter book be without frequent pot shots at Bill Clinton? There is one excerpt where she goes into some detail about the swooning women that consider him “sexy”. To which she replies, “If a beer belly, bloated cheeks, a big red nose, tiny close-set eyes, and a big head equals handsome, where the hell is Newt Gingrich’s modeling contract?”

Finally, there are two titles of past books that emphasize her abrasive and witty nature together: “If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans” and “How To Talk To A Liberal (If You Must)”.

She’s certainly controversial, but to a lot she’s an amusing read.

While it may go without saying so, I NEED TO MAKE A DISCLAIMER CLEAR. The views that I’ve expressed here are mine and not necessarily the views of TechJaws, so please don’t get mad at Frank or otherwise consider TechJaws a “conservative” blog.

4 Responses to “The Queen of Conservatives”

  1. Christie

    Aug 27th, 2009

    I think she’s going for the “train wreck” :) type of entertainment market. People want to read these outrageous things purely because they are extreme and have just enough of a hint of truth (real people, real events) to them to make them shocking and a fun read. Heck, there are some blogs I read for that reason! (this one is obviously not that category). ;)
    .-= Christie´s last blog ..Thesis Theme discount – some things to watch out for! =-.

    • Frank J

      Aug 27th, 2009


      It like Howard Stern, controversy draws a crowd.

  2. BunnygotBlog

    Aug 27th, 2009

    I agree with Frank on this one. People love drama and dirt. She has gotten the attention she wants.
    .-= BunnygotBlog´s last blog ..Lost In A Sea Of Identities =-.

    • Frank J

      Aug 27th, 2009


      We just need to follow a few of her tactics. We would be rich with all that attention!