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McAfee H*Commerce is a new series airing on WNBC and other networks. The purpose of H*Commerce is to get you involved in the fight to stop it, and to provide solutions on how to protect yourself, your family and business from this ongoing cyber-crime and scam epidemic. You may think this will never happen to you, but think again. It can happen to anyone at anytime. You will be shocked after watching the First Episode below.

Check for upcoming show times or visit the McAfee H*Commerce page to watch all 6 episodes.



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  1. Interesting informations. And very useful.

  2. This is a very important issue.
    There is a huge problem when many programs are made and sold to help create websites then some idiot uses them to hack, scrap and steal identities for innocent people.
    All I can think of is some loser playing around on a computer in his mom’s basement wearing a black hat and saying I am making a ton of money down here.
    OK, I will shut-up now.

    Thanks for watching over us, Frank and keeping everyone informed.

  3. I agree,it is abuse of products in the wrong hands.

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  5. Mc Afee is awesome to protect your online business and to enhance your computer security, i m using Total security, but will surely love to move on this one, thanks for posting useful info.

  6. This is so funny ;)

  7. This is very interesting! If my guess is right, phone phreaks can also do wire taping easily don’t they? If geeks and nerds can do some hacks, do tech bloggers can? What do you think Frank?