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  • No More Beta for You!

    No More Beta for You!

    Microsoft will halt downloads for its Windows 7 beta. The blogosphere has been on fire with tons of posts about the new Windows 7. There has been a much more positive tone versus Vista. A […]

  • Ultimate Extras for Windows 7 Gone

    I think Microsoft is finally listening to its customers! After all the criticism received with Vista Ultimate, Microsoft will not offer “Ultimate Extras” in Windows 7, the company has confirmed, saying it abandoned the heavily […]

  • Wii Tips and Tricks

    Wii Tips and Tricks

    My family received a Wii for Christmas. We have been using it for about a week and today we lost power. After the power outage the Wii would not turn back on. So I got […]

  • VirtualBox 2.1.0

    VirtualBox 2.1.0

    Sun recently released VirtualBox 2.1.0, a major update with exciting new features: among them better 64-bit support, hardware virtualization on the Mac, 3D acceleration, easier networking on Windows and Linux plus full VMDK/VHD support including […]

  • Firefox Users Beware of New Malware

    Make sure your antivirus definitions are updated as many vendors will have an update for this malware quickly. Researchers at BitDefender have discovered a new type of malicious software that collects passwords for banking sites […]

  • Windows 7 Beta in January

    Windows 7 Beta in January

    Will Windows 7 be lucky? You can get a copy if you attend one of the many MSDN conferences scheduled. I know I will be in attendance to get my copy. Windows enthusiasts were buzzing […]

  • Vista Vulnerability Found

    A flaw in Vista’s networking has been found that can crash the system, but no fix is expected until the next service pack. A flaw has been found in Windows Vista that could allow rootkits […]

  • Get ZoneAlarm Pro Free

    Get ZoneAlarm Pro Free

    On Tuesday, Nov. 18, Check Point Software will offer the ZoneAlarm Pro software package for free for 24 hours, in celebration of Check Point’s 15th anniversary, a company spokeswoman said Friday. ZoneAlarm Pro, which contains […]