I am absolutely beside myself on how bad the moderation has become on StumbleUpon. I see many messages coming through my toolbar that look like (Please S.t.um.b.le if you like). What’s with the periods between words?

The reason for the periods between words is to mask the actual message. It has been known that StumbleUpon is automatically flagging messages through the toolbar from members asking or exchanging Stumbles. Here’s the problem I have with this rule. If people like what you stumble and add you as a friend, than why is it against the rules to share content that people are interested in?

I think this falls under a very gray area called self promoting. If I own a blog and I am sharing what people are interesting in, how is this self promoting? I am not sharing a post that’s selling a service or product. I feel that this needs clarity, but it has been like this since day one. If you have a dot com you are considered a commercial site.

If you are sending a page through the toolbar and you’re simply saying – (I hope you like) or (I sent you this page that you may find interesting), how is that self promoting? You are not directly asking for a thumbs up or review.

The Bigger Problem

There’s a group on StumbleUpon that acts like a vigilante and is doing more harm than good. This group has formed a coalition that has influenced the StumbleUpon staff to place member accounts under review. If your account ever gets placed under review, you can kiss it goodbye. I know many members that were put under review for no apparent reason. These members shared their blog posts with friends, which is not spamming. If a member is adding you as a friend, than it’s the same as opting-in. They didn’t discover their own articles, so don’t even go there.

The so-called vigilante group goes by the name SP@M FREE. I’m disappointed that StumbleUpon permits such cowardly behavior from a group that acts on opinion and not facts from research and proper moderation tactics. What do you expect for free?

StumbleUpon Community Rules

  1. No posting of illegal, threatening, libelous, or obscene content.
  2. No posting of another person’s or members personal data, such as contact details.
  3. No publication of or forwarding of private messages (PM’s) to 3rd parties without permission.
  4. If you are in dispute with another member, please keep the matter private and contact StumbleUpon Support immediately.
  5. Reviews or tags should not be used to level personal attacks on other members, site owners or contributors to the sites reviewed.
  6. Do not impersonate other members.
  7. Multiple accounts per user may not be created without permission from StumbleUpon.
  8. No mass unsolicited messaging or commercial spamming permitted.
  9. The Group Share tool may not be used to request ratings and reviews.
  10. Exchanges of ratings and/or reviews are not permitted.
  11. Requesting ratings and reviews from other members is not permitted.
  12. Payment or receipt of compensation in exchange for ratings or reviews is not permitted.
  13. You cannot use 3rd party clients or scripts to access StumbleUpon.

We need StumbleUpon to improve and clarify the rules for sharing.

If you recently had been put under review, you can contact Walter, StumbleUpon Community Manager. Good luck in getting a response.