StumbleUpon is a great tool to share websites with friends. I have been a member and advertiser since 2004. I made many online friends and one best friend in person. I enjoy some of the content that is shared, but sometimes people take advantage of the system.stumbleupon

Here are some of the things that will irk other StumbleUpon users and more than likely they will befriend you and unsubscribe to your favorites;

  1. Multiple sends through the toolbar from the same domain. 1 or 2 is fine, but anymore, is just over doing it.
  2. User’s inbox is full, but yet they continue to send sites through the toolbar. I am sure many users find this annoying. Clean out your inbox or you will be removed.
  3. Stop sending business related websites that offer web design or other services – this is called self promoting and it’s against TOS (Terms of Service).
  4. Requesting Stumbles and Reviews are a little pushy and it’s violates TOS. Send me a page and if I like it, I will thumbs up and/or review it. Send your stumbles in the form of “Hope you enjoy this page, I really thought it was amazing that xyz can do this”. A little commentary will help and it doesn’t come across as a demand.
  5. Stop requesting shares from multiple people as many of your friends are probably mine.
  6. Sending a friend request when you hardly have any favorites, reviews or subscribers. This can be interpreted as someone who is trying to game the system and will eventually send spam.
  7. Expecting Reciprocation – You need to remember we all have different interest. If you send me a website on Lawn & Garden and I am a technology enthusiast, I will more than likely stumble through.

These are just some of the things that will annoy other members. Here’s a great article called – StumbleUpon Etiquette Faux Pas, Tips & Resources, there are many tips you should follow in order to get the most out of StumbleUpon.

It’s important that everybody read the Terms of Service. We can all make StumbleUpon a better community.