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What Social Network are you an active member of? There are so many social networks that it’s almost impossible to be a member of each one. If you’re a blogger, social networks are a proven method to drive interest to your blog or website.

Social Network Humor

I Ask my wife if there’s anything to eat, and she tells me there’s plenty of leftover food. I find myself doing a Backflip over what to eat. I have so many Fave foods to choose from, but I am so undecided on what to eat. I grow hungry and begin to Feed Me Links and Squidoo on the side. It was so Del.icio.us I had to Mixx up another batch. I than ask my wife to share Co.mments on what to make for dinner. I Digg through the refrigerator to see if there’s anything good. I than StumbleUpon some leftover pasta my wife made. I start to eat it and enjoy it so much I gave my wife a big Hugg. I am still not satisfied yet, so I begin to look through the Yellow Pages and order Mister Wong Chinese. The door bell rings 30 minutes later and it’s the delivery guy, Yahoo! I am finally satisfied and I begin to drink a few cocktails until I have a nice Buzz.

I tested many social networks to see how effective they were in driving referral traffic to my blog. It’s important not to over extend yourself by participating in too many social networks. Keep it simple by selecting no more than 4, so you can put more time and focus in each network, thus getting better results.

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About the author: Frank Jovine


The idea for Tech Jaws and most of the look of the site came from Frank’s mind – a place you wouldn’t want to vacation. Frank takes his run of the waters up North, and has been building successful web sites for years. He’s a regular within social communities like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg. His favorite appetite for tech savvy web sites include, TechCrunch, ZDNet, and helping members in Yahoo Answers in the Computer category.


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  1. I love this. I’m not on many social media sites for my husband isn’t crazy about many of them.lol

    So to keep peace I only 3-4 tops.

  2. lol I love it. Lucky I ate before I read this. :)

  3. A little cheeky but I like it. How is it going Frank?

  4. it’s a very nice posting , good work

  5. Very nice Frank, makes me laugh! and thanks for the nice advice about Social Networking, this is the way it works!