Shark Week – Advanced Life Skills and Soul to Soul

by on 08/04/2009 in Feeding Frenzy

It’s day two of Shark Week here on Tech Jaws. We are featuring two blogs each day from August 3rd to August 7th. Advanced Life Skills and Soul-to-Soul are our featured blogs!


Advanced Life Skills – If you are into improving life both mentally and physically, than this blog may provide insight on what changes you need to make in order to live a fuller life. I know I am one to procrastinate and I am sure we all do at times, but Jonathan, the author of Advanced Life Skills has the recipe that can help improve your life.

Title: Advanced Life Skills

Rating (1-5) 5 being the best

Design: 4.6 – Excellent navigation and good color choice
Content: 4.7 – Original, informative and very helpful
Activity: 3.7 – Moderately active – Publishes at least a blog every few days.
Overall: 4.4 = Tiger Shark


Soul to Soul, do you have some? Susie the author and a very good friend of mine is very passionate about art and music, I am sure you can tell who her favorite musician is by the title of her blog. Do you need a hint? Stevie Ray Vaughan. This talented sketch artist authors up some beautiful writings and sketches. Susie’s husband Buck married me and my wife. I bet you didn’t know that. Buck became an ordained minister 2 weeks before the date I was set to be married. Cool, huh?

You rock kid!!!

Title: Soul to Soul

Rating (1-5) 5 being the best

Design: 4.3 – Easy navigation, but need to correct alignment issues in sidebar
Content: 4.9 – Original, Creative, Delightful!
Activity: 3.4 – Need to improve activity by posting more frequent. I know time is an issue with other responsibilities.
Overall: 4.2 = Tiger Shark

Overall Rating

Great White Shark = 4.5 to 5.0
Tiger Shark = 4.0 to 4.49
Bull Shark = 3.5 to 3.99

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14 Responses to “Shark Week – Advanced Life Skills and Soul to Soul”

  1. Kikolani

    Aug 4th, 2009

    I’m really enjoying Shark Week so far… great choices. I have always gained valuable insight from each post at Advanced Life Skills.

    ~ Kristi

    • Frank J

      Aug 5th, 2009


      Jonathan really impresses me on many of the articles he has published.

  2. Wow Frank, what a surprise to be featured here. Thanks, I really appreciate it.

    • Frank J

      Aug 5th, 2009


      Thank you for sharing interesting life articles with everyone who truly wants to get the most out of life.

  3. I have always loved Soul to Soul. I love Susie’s drawings. My son is also passionate about art and music. However his talent must have skipped generations because my husband and I have none. At least I have the talent to appreciate them.

  4. JLugnutZ

    Aug 4th, 2009

    Great artwork you are wonderful. I enjoy stopping by and checking it out from time to time keep up the great work Susie!
    I will be sure and visit advanced life skills also I could use some pointers….. :)

  5. HART aka PetLvr

    Aug 4th, 2009

    Two interesting blogs … one I just recently discovered and the other I’ve come across in my travels every once in a blue moon :) And, always enjoy the visits.

    • Frank J

      Aug 5th, 2009


      Thank you and your blog is also in this round up!

  6. Greg Ellison

    Aug 5th, 2009

    You learn new things everyday. Thanks for the review of these two sites. I really like them. Thanks Greg Ellison

    • Frank J

      Aug 5th, 2009


      Thank you for the comment!

  7. Susie

    Aug 6th, 2009

    Thanks so much for the “glowing” review – I am glad it’s not gay anymore! I do need to draw more and post more.. just running on fumes!

    • Frank J

      Aug 6th, 2009


      You are very welcome – Keep writing and sketching!

  8. BunnygotBlog

    Aug 6th, 2009

    You have a great idea here. I enjoy the articles when friends share blogs. I know Advanced Life Skills, it is one of my favorite blogs and author.
    Now I have to check out Soul To Soul.Com.

    Looking for to the next article.

  9. Susie

    Aug 7th, 2009

    I know.. I know!! :)