It’s day two of Shark Week here on Tech Jaws. We are featuring two blogs each day from August 3rd to August 7th. Advanced Life Skills and Soul-to-Soul are our featured blogs!


Advanced Life Skills – If you are into improving life both mentally and physically, than this blog may provide insight on what changes you need to make in order to live a fuller life. I know I am one to procrastinate and I am sure we all do at times, but Jonathan, the author of Advanced Life Skills has the recipe that can help improve your life.

Title: Advanced Life Skills

Rating (1-5) 5 being the best

Design: 4.6 – Excellent navigation and good color choice
Content: 4.7 – Original, informative and very helpful
Activity: 3.7 – Moderately active – Publishes at least a blog every few days.
Overall: 4.4 = Tiger Shark


Soul to Soul, do you have some? Susie the author and a very good friend of mine is very passionate about art and music, I am sure you can tell who her favorite musician is by the title of her blog. Do you need a hint? Stevie Ray Vaughan. This talented sketch artist authors up some beautiful writings and sketches. Susie’s husband Buck married me and my wife. I bet you didn’t know that. Buck became an ordained minister 2 weeks before the date I was set to be married. Cool, huh?

You rock kid!!!

Title: Soul to Soul

Rating (1-5) 5 being the best

Design: 4.3 – Easy navigation, but need to correct alignment issues in sidebar
Content: 4.9 – Original, Creative, Delightful!
Activity: 3.4 – Need to improve activity by posting more frequent. I know time is an issue with other responsibilities.
Overall: 4.2 = Tiger Shark

Overall Rating

Great White Shark = 4.5 to 5.0
Tiger Shark = 4.0 to 4.49
Bull Shark = 3.5 to 3.99

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