The Real Goal is Engagement

Most businesses already know that SEO is one of the strategies that will push their business forward in today’s digital world. Google algorithms, which keep on changing, have driven people to the use of numbers in strategizing for SEO. For instance, the Pay Per Click Advertising is all about analyzing numbers to understand the performance of the strategy. However, experts in digital marketing have discovered a significant challenge in this. It is ultimately not all about numbers. Instead, it is about engagement.

Where is the Challenge?

Initially, most SEO experts focus much of their efforts on pushing for higher traffic and consequently a better SERP (search engine result page) ranking. They further focus on using specific artificial strategies to achieve their goals. But, are they really going far? Is this enough to get potential results in SEO? This can be considered to be one of the big challenges faced by a large number of experts.

The best solution to this challenge, according to various researchers, is to strategize about how to keep users engaged. A good and engaging website leads to conversations between the businesses or organizations and users or customers. If you ask me, it is best to get this from an SEO enhanced site.

What Happens When There Is No Engagement?

Your SEO efforts must engage, and this is not debatable. However, now that most people focus on numbers when setting up goals and strategies, the transitional nature of Google ranking will make them fail faster than they think. Another crucial concept that is overlooked by these experts is the fact that SEO efforts by others also affect your work.

All these are characteristics of SEO without engagement. It may result in higher SERP but not the best achievable. The website will still have room for improvement that is not seen. However, most of the efforts may entirely fail if no SEO engagement is reached fully.

The Effect of Fred

Fred is the name of the recent update that Google made this year. The main purpose was to enlighten all SEO experts and website owners that they will get penalized if their content is poor quality and shallow. As a result of this, private blog networks and affiliate websites, which often have frequent updates, have reaped big results.

As much as this is confusing, Fred does not mean that SEO use is nullified. With a better strategy, SEO experts can focus on content quality and better use of keywords. This means that the focus is to engage their users with interesting information, images, and videos. With these, the ranking will automatically go up and last for a long time before it fluctuates. Contrarily, numbers-focused efforts can change overnight and affect SEO efforts.


The last words from experts are that SEO campaigns must shift their goals from numbers to engagement. It is the only way they can beat the competition and enjoy results from their work.