Everyone knows that Outlook PST files are essential for any Microsoft Outlook users. Whenever Outlook PST file gets corrupted or damaged, it becomes a huge issue for the user. Apart from that, whenever most of the users start running Inbox Repair tool or Scanpst.exe in Outlook to repair the damaged PST files then, they have faced an issue. During the scan procedure, Scanpst may encounter an error message and then, the scan process has been stopped suddenly:

Various Reasons Behind Outlook Error Message

There are multiple reason that results in the appearance of the above-mentioned error. Let us discuss the following challenges, it will be much clearer to understand.

  1. Corrupted Outlook PST File: The main reason behind the occurrence of this error code might be the damaged structure of Outlook files. Moreover, ScanPST is a kind of integrity check utility, which recovers PST file with undamaged architecture. If the structure of PST file is severely damaged, then Inbox Repair Tool will display an error code after this, the scan procedure will be aborted
  2. PST File Exceeds the Storage Limit: Apart from one other major reason that contributes to the occurrence of this particular error message. In any case, if the PST file has reached maximum size limit, users might be faced an unexpected error. Most of time Outlook PST file cannot accessible even it denies access whenever users have tried to open it.
  3. Software Failure Effects: Also, the software failure includes the variety of reasons like application becomes shut down, malicious infection occurs, file system disaster, Outlook application shut down inappropriately, and much more. Such common reasons that produce an error message like “An Error has Occurred which Caused the Scan to be Stopped. No changes have been made to the Scanned file” appears on the screen.
  4. Hardware Failure Detected: One major reason behind the cause is that hardware failure. It has not an easy reason that falls under this classification; actually, it contains a bundle of causes including storage device fails, all of the sudden electricity failure, functionality of any hardware component is unsuitable, fault in network devices, etc.

Consider the following scenario, which was shared by an Outlook user for understanding the consequences of this error more clearly:

“I am fully confused with this error due to which I am using the scanpst.exe utility on a PST data file in an Exchange 2010 for repairing them. But I am unable to recover all those PST files even I tried to run the Outlook Inbox repair Tool(Scanpst.exe) on the recent exported .pst items for fixing this error but, I was not able to troubleshoot such error. Please, anyone, recommend me a solution by which I can resolve this problem.”

Manual Solution to Solve this Error

As ScanPST is the inbuilt application that comes with Outlook, which helps to perform various tasks. For an instance, it may be used to recover emails, folders and other Outlook files from a corrupt Outlook PST file. Especially, in a case of minimal level of corruption, a user can use Scanpst.exe tool torecover the .pst file


One of the major limitation has occurred is that as the level of corruption increases ScanPST failed to restore PST file. It will stop responding while to restore the PST data files. Although, users have received an error when ScanPST fails to repair PST file.

Automated Solution to Overcome Such Error Code

Sometimes, it becomes bit impossible for a user to repair the deleted as well as corrupted PST files. Therefore, to overcome this issue a user can use the PST Repair Tool. With the help of this tool, a user able to restore permanently deleted and password protected Outlook PST files. It does not matter how much PST data file is corrupted it starts to repair all of them without any hassle.


How to fix “An Error has Occurred which Caused the Scan to be Stopped” is still a big trouble for end users, if they are not capable of repairing the corrupt PST file. In such case, one have to perform ScanPST free utility for restoring the data, which is an extremely difficult technique and have some limitations. Therefore, it is suggested to clients that they should go for Outlook PST file repair software, which will fix this error without any risk.