Ralph Kramden 3D TV is Here!

by on 01/28/2010 in Gadgets, Tech

If you were a Honeymooners fan back in the day, you can relate to this article. The very first episode called “TV or Not TV” dated October 1, 1955, Ralph and Norton buy a TV together. The only reason this joint venture happened in the first place, was because Edward Norton couldn’t afford to buy a new TV.

The funny part of this episode is when Alice (Ralph’s wife) calls him cheap because Ralph won’t buy them a TV and the Norton’s are on their second set. Ralph explains that it’s not because he is cheap, but because he is waiting for 3D TV!

Check out the episode below : Turn up the volume!

Ralph Kramden’s life-long dream is to be rich and he has come up with countless schemes to help him achieve his goals. These include:

Pills that turn water into gasoline, Phony stock in oil and oil wells, A hot dog stand, Goat gland vitamins, Used tire sales, Furniture polish, Plastic shoehorns, Rug shampooing, Uranium field in Asbury Park, Glow in the dark shoe polish, Phony hair restorer, Managing a boxer, Buying a hotel in NJ, No-cal pizza, Phony gold stock
Digging for Capt. Kidd’s treasure on Long Island, Campaign to make Secaucus, NJ a honeymooners’ paradise, A handy housewife helper tool and A Mystery appetizer.

My favorite episodes were TV or Not TV and A Mystery appetizer.

This is when TV was great!

9 Responses to “Ralph Kramden 3D TV is Here!”

  1. Jennifer

    Jan 28th, 2010

    My kids refuse to even try watching The Honeymooners. Even though they like many reruns from the 70s and 80s, the black and white from the 50s turns them off. They won’t check out I Love Lucy either.

    • Frank Jovine

      Jan 28th, 2010


      They don;t know what there missing. It’s a true classic and it’s when TV was great!

  2. Andrew@BloggingGuide

    Jan 29th, 2010

    Really funny!! I agree with you those were they days of great TV. Really clean, wholesome entertainment!

    • Frank Jovine

      Jan 29th, 2010


      So true and no reality crap like today.

      • TV Software

        Jan 29th, 2010

        :D Funny.

        Look at the robo helmet.

        • Frank Jovine

          Jan 29th, 2010

          Yes it is very funny. This episode was my favorite out of the 39 made.

  3. Codes

    Jan 30th, 2010

    It’s funny. :) especially that helmet! I like their emotions.

  4. Arafat Hossain Piyada

    Feb 2nd, 2010

    ‘ r u waiting for 3D refrigerator too’..very funny but nice thought..I’m still laughing..thanks for this morning lough dose.

    • Frank Jovine

      Feb 2nd, 2010


      That’s my favorite part!!!!