Advanced communications could definitely be crowned as the best gift of the 21st century, but there are downsides to it as well. Our lives are simply unthinkable without cell phones, but the package also contains unwanted marketing calls, prank calls and of course unsolicited spam text messages. As far as marketing calls are concerned, you can definitely prevent them from coming to your cell phone by just telling people that you don’t want to buy their seedy products, but what about text messages? Research has shown that text messages or better attention grabbers compared to cold calls and hence they are absolutely loved by spammers. But, is there really a way you could get rid of these spam messages?Preventing Spam Text Messages

Apparently, it seems that it is possible to stop these spam messages from flooding your inbox by just unsubscribing to them, but there is a problem in this that most people are not aware of. What do you typically do to unsubscribe to a particular service? We usually type STOP and send it to the number from which the messages originated. The problem is, and most of the cases text message spammers use advanced computer programs to generate possible phone number combinations and automatically send out text messages to these numbers. This is basically a trial and error method that they use in the hope of finding a handful of live numbers. Like it or not, this method works. So, the moment you decide to unsubscribe to a particular message by replying to it, you are actually giving away the authenticity of the number and believe it or not, that very moment your number gets sold to thousands of other text happy spammers. If you have noticed carefully, the moment you unsubscribe to a particular message, more messages from different numbers start flooding your inbox – it’s not their fault; it’s you who verified your own number. So, is there really a way to stop these spam text messages from flooding your inbox?

  • Unlike e-mails, most of us don’t have separate numbers for friends and those extremely well behaved salesman who offer expensive gifts if you just agree to answer a couple of questions and give out your phone number. It’s time you had another number because recent research suggests that by the end of the year, spammers would be sending out 5 billion messages every day to unsuspecting phone users. If you can’t really change your willingness to give out your phone number at the drop of a hat, you should get yourself another number that could be used for the purpose.
  • On the outset, it seems if you unsubscribe to particular message services, you would be able to prevent them from bugging you, but in reality that just confirms the authenticity of your phone number and the moment that happens there is no stopping them. So, just ignore the messages and hit the delete button.
  • There are some cell phone-based programs available on the market that allows you to have separate inboxes for different kinds of messages. You can actually choose the priority levels of different messages and the program would automatically detect the settings and send those messages to preconfigured inboxes. By using such a program, you would be able to have separate inboxes for friends and spammers.

Author Bio: Kimber Carles is an experienced writer; mainly focusing on mobile technology. He writes and researches about text message security for who provides private text message services to physicians and doctors.