PR9 Backlink Guarantee Scam

by on 12/29/2011 in Google, Scams & Hoaxes, SEO

Have you come across marketing emails that guarantee you link placement on a PR9 (PageRank) web site? It’s highly unlikely that your link will be included on a PR9 page and in most cases they will place your link on a highly ranked web site, but your link will be placed on deeper pages inside the site that have a much lower rank or no rank at all (unranked).PR9 Backlink Guarantee Scams

This is a scam to take your money by making false promises and this type of scam has been around for a very long time. There are also other issues that can occur without your knowledge by having your link added to sites that are deemed malicious, dangerous and or have a poor reputation.

In order to properly build your Pagerank in Google, you will need to do it the old fashion way by commenting on blogs within your niche (relevant to your sites content) and sharing your web pages on social networks. There’s no guarantee that the sites you comment on have the nofollow attribute removed, but if you’re using Firefox as your browser of choice you can download the add-on NoDoFollow. This Firefox add-on simply highlights links in a page according to nofollow / dofollow status. Pink highlight for NoFollow links and Blue highlight for DoFollow links.

Be careful about what people promise as there are too many scams on the internet that could empty your pockets without delivering the service/s they guarantee.

There are some reputable marketing firms that can get your link posted on a PR9 web page, but in many cases there are time restrictions and your link is eventually removed when the time frame expires.

12 Responses to “PR9 Backlink Guarantee Scam”

  1. oklahoma city mortgage rates

    Jan 1st, 2012

    Thank you for the warning and the info. We can never trust many things on the internet nowadays, there are just too many people trying to take advantage of others. And you’re right, doing it the regular way is still the best way we can build high PR links. Nothing can beat it.

  2. poultry corner

    Jan 5th, 2012

    thanks for info .. It is not always sweet thing is true .. Better than the alert will fall forever ..

  3. Mj

    Jan 9th, 2012

    I was searching for the worthiness of this very thing and eventually came at the right place ..thanks for confirming my doubts regarding it being a scam !

  4. techmd

    Jan 11th, 2012

    I’m glad other people have figured this scam out. Although the root domains PR has a lot to do with the possibility of inner pages being higher PR, where your link resides is most important, and I am yet to see a content page that has higher than a PR 6, which in itself is rare. Forum pages and blog posts which is where a lot of these companies post most of the links for their clients are usually PR 0 or even unranked. PR 0 coming from a PR 9 root domain still gives your link a little power, but it sure isn’t worth the amount of money you pay thinking its a PR 9 page! There’s no substitute to doing it the old fashion way. Yourself. If you pay someone else to build links for you, chances are your links are getting posted on link farms which have been identified by google, giving your domain a really good chance of being blacklisted. Not worth it.

    • Frank Jovine

      Jan 11th, 2012


      This scam has been plastered all over the internet and still people are paying for it or these ads would have been gone a long time ago. Thanks for the detailed comment!

  5. Internet marketing Polosa

    Jan 19th, 2012

    I’ve never paid for such a services. Only natural increasing of PR – is best way

  6. matt

    Jan 25th, 2012

    thanks for your info..very helpful

  7. Steigerhouten

    Feb 7th, 2012

    Yes you are true Frank. I always follow natural methods and free sites to rank my site. And thanks for sharing nofollow and dofollow topic. Its really helpful..

  8. Waterman

    Feb 24th, 2012

    I never believe in these kind of advertisements. I always follow natural tricks to optimize my website. In which I am getting benefit also.
    Have a good day Frank!

  9. TechsAnywhere

    Mar 6th, 2012

    I’ve been learning about link building for years, and believe me, I’ve come across way too many of these offers. First of all, the chance of getting a dofollow link on a PR9 site is slim to none, and most of the time the actual page they place your links on is a 0 PR page or even unranked! What a scam.

  10. Limos in Orange County

    Mar 12th, 2012

    I believe P9 required a lot of hardwork and patience, as SEO is not rocket science…

  11. abhishek

    Mar 13th, 2012

    thanks for the post . i think being new to blogging this is very helpful to me ..