It seems Big Brother is more of a voyeur than a nuisance. I am not a bit concerned if my ISP is recording what my surfing habits are, as most of the time I research and blog and check my latest Fantasy Baseball statistics. Even if I were downloading illegal music, porn or freeware, the government doesn’t have the time to review everyone’s surfing habits.

In a recent hearing on Capitol Hill, lawmakers asked dozens of providers if they had used deep packet inspection and most said they had not.

Some facts:

  1. 6,499,697,060 internet users as of 2006 (Pretty tough task to monitor everyone)
  2. Our Homeland Security was physically hacked (Big Brother is just as vulnerable)
  3. Proxies provide better privacy
  4. Most ISP’s don’t perform deep packet inspection

We should all try to surf the Web without paranoia, if anyone was tracking my usage, they’d probably think I’m on technical war path gathering up as much tech news as I can. I have no issue with deep packet inspection. I would only ask that the ISP would let us know when they plan on implementing this and an option to opt-out.

Browse away all, and don’t worry about Big Brother, they have bigger fish to fry than us internet users.