4 Benefits Using Google Apps for Businesses

by on 12/13/2016 in Apps, Business

If you’re interested in a substantial alternative to Microsoft’s Office 365, Google Apps for Business or GSuite provides a secure solution. Google Apps equips users with a cloud-based solution for collaboration in virtual and remote work situations. Google Apps is also a low-cost, affordable solution for small businesses with modest IT budgets and flexible staff […]

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5 Travel Apps for Domestic Places

by on 12/07/2016 in Apps

Some of us work through the summer and never get to truly enjoy it. Others wish for the summer never to end. Whichever group you belong to, chances are that you’ll want to find a warm place for your vacation. These 5 travel apps will be extremely helpful to find your dream destination! Nowadays, anyone […]

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5 Apps That Help Work-Life Balance

by on 12/05/2016 in Apps

In today’s world, everyone is always on the go and always busy. Thankfully, you have your smartphone to keep you connected in just about every way possible. When you are overwhelmed with your busy schedule, there is a number of helpful apps you can use to keep your home and work life balanced. Whether you […]

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Export PST to EML, VCF, PDF & MSG with Outlook PST Converter Tool

by on 12/02/2016 in Data Recovery, Data Storage, Outlook, Software

Every MS Outlook account maintains a data file, known as PST (Personal Storage Table) file to store their Outlook items such as emails, contacts, tasks etc. Since these files are supported by MS Outlook only, so users find it necessary to convert them into other file formats for wider accessibility. One such third party tool […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Cloud Technology

by on 11/29/2016 in Cloud Computing, Data Storage

The many benefits for innovation and efficiency in business enterprises are the leading factors that explain the rising popularity of Cloud technology on a wide and global scale. Its use across all the demographics among the general public and its application in multiple industries such as business, banking, transport, medical care, and any other sector […]

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Get rid of Outlook .pst Not Compatible Error Message

by on 11/26/2016 in Computers, Outlook, Software, Tech

MS Outlook works as an email application, which comes along with MS Office suite. It is the most popular email client, which is used by many organizations in day-to-day life. It stores all the folders in user’s mailbox in one or more PST file. However, like other applications, MS Outlook also runs out for errors, […]

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Tricks to Split Outlook PST File into Smaller Outlook Folders

by on 11/22/2016 in Microsoft, Outlook

Introduction to Splitting Outlook PST File in Outlook As the trend of email communication is on the rise, most users prefer to use email service for establishing an efficient mode of communication. A number of email applications are present, which serve the users with their services. Similarly, Outlook tends to serve millions of users as […]

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Combining Multiple PST files into a Master Archive Manually

by on 11/18/2016 in Data Backup, Microsoft, Outlook

No doubt, an Outlook user goes in trouble due to the presence of a heavy bundle of files so there is a need to merge multiple PST files into one. In fact, it depends on the amount of PST data items and their size. A user can combine the PST files by import/export normally but […]

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