Best Reason to Wait: Early Adopters Tax

by on 05/11/2008 in Consumer Tips

One of the 7 Habits of Highly Tech-Addicted People is the desire to have the latest and greatest the moment something debuts on the market. Trade news, pre-releases, early reviews from tech news sites, demos, and booths at trade shows like CES, E3, PAX, and Mac World Expo have early-adopters watering at the mouth for […]

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Windows SP3 Screws AMD

by on 05/11/2008 in Software

What’s new? Who would think that Microsoft would release a new update that is flawless and frictionless? Since the release of SP3, also known as Service Pack 3, HP computers with AMD processors are having major issues. The root of the problem appears to be a power management driver. Microsoft says it’s working on the […]

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I Want My HDTV

by on 05/10/2008 in Gadgets

Are you getting the most out of your HDTV or Blu-Ray? If you purchased your HDTV before 2007, you may have the old HDMI standard cable version 1.2a. The HDMI technology has come a long way and has a pretty high price tag. To get the best for your HDTV experience you need to purchase […]

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Coming Soon: Tech Jaws!

by on 05/09/2008 in Site News

Oh – Hi there.

Welcome to Tech Jaws! In the feeding frenzy of tech news and gadget reviews, who can you trust to give you the MEAT of the good stuff? Do you go to the guppy, or do you go to the shark?

We’re going to hunt down the bleeding-edge tech as soon as we smell blood in the water.

How do you know we’re going to bring you the good stuff?

Because we’re geeks, just like you. We know computers, gadgets, software, and all the joys and frustrations people like you go through trying to make heads or tails of what’s delicious and what’s chum.

We’re under construction for now, but keep checking back and get ready: when we hit the water, it’s gonna be like Shark Week (only with more blood).

-The Raging Tech

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