Most Common Exchange Server Errors with Code and Their Solutions

by on 06/15/2017 in Security Info & Tips, Software, Tech

Exchange Server is the most commonly used mail server, which enables the organization to send or receive emails in a secure manner. Also, it will help to perform the administrative tasks including archiving mailbox, sending the email message, providing delivery report etc, in a simplified way. Due to the presence of these features entire process […]

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Restore Deleted Emails from OST File Without Any Data Loss

by on 06/14/2017 in Data Recovery, Software, Tech

Outlook being one of the vastly used email clients is known for its flexible features and reliability for both professional and personal email communication. It even gives its users freedom to work in the absence of internet connection. When used in collaboration with Exchange server, the Outlook data gets stored in a file termed as […]

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Top 20 Most Commonly Used Passwords

by on 05/31/2017 in Security, Security Info & Tips

Passwords are annoying but necessary. It can be challenging to come up with the right one, and then when you do and you can finally remember it, the password gatekeepers tell you to change it, again. Oh, and make sure you have a capital letter, and a number, and a symbol, but no, not that […]

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Top 3 Data Recovery Software To Fix Exchange & Outlook Issues

by on 05/26/2017 in Data Recovery, Microsoft, Outlook, Software, Windows 10

Data is one of the most important aspects to maintain the continuity of the work. From users to organizations, data is crucial to all. With the upgradation in Technology, there are different platforms available for the exchange and maintenance of the data. However, it may happen that the data get wiped out due to certain […]

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Thinking About Future Smartphones Based on Today’s Technology

by on 05/11/2017 in Cell Phones, Smartphones

It is always possible that we will discover a large, untapped cache of unobtainium. That material will become the basis of everything from smartphones to flying cars. Then the credits will roll on our very bad movie. In real life, technological advances seldom happen that way. It is not a revolutionary leap into space, but […]

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5 Effective Email Marketing Strategies To Get Traffic

by on 05/11/2017 in Email, Marketing

Email marketing is one of the elite channels of business communication. With vast populations and emails sent in a day (Approximately over 144 billion emails sent each day), email marketing continues to be one of the best platforms to use in your marketing strategies as an entrepreneur. Below are five well-researched tips to effective email […]

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How to Use New-MailboxRepairRequest in Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010

by on 05/11/2017 in Data Recovery, Software

Technology is upgrading day- by-day. In this advancement in the technology, Microsoft has come up with the latest version of Exchange Server i.e. Exchange 2016. This new version of Exchange comes up new cmdlet New-MailboxRepairRequest. It is used to repair Exchange EDB mailboxes. Corruption in data file obstructs the work of a user and makes […]

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Best Top 5 MBOX to PST Converter Software – Free Download

by on 05/09/2017 in Data Backup, Software

As the data loss issues are escalating, so is their recovery solutions, which are mushrooming day by day. Every vendor is trying to reach its competitive edge, each one trying to surpass others and lead the race. But with customer surveys, trying and testing of the tools, reviews, and other such information; this list has […]

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