NoFollow Controversy Explained

by on 06/17/2009 in Google

Many bloggers are more reluctant to comment on other blogs that have the rel=follow than its counterpart rel=nofollow. The reason for dofollow is that each link counts as a “vote” for your site with search engines. These votes increase your page rank and make your site appear closer to the top in search engine result pages.

What was Pagerank Sculpting?

Pagerank Sculpting was the practice of making some links on a page nofollow so the rest of them pass more link juice according to Mr. Google (Matt Cutts).

You’re likely to notice some negative changes in your PR or SERPs if you:

  • Do not make your social bookmark buttons nofollow.
  • Have paid links and use nofollow for them.
  • Use nofollow to link to your competitors.
  • Use nofollow on your tags or labels (That’s every blogspot user, btw).
  • Have a large nofollow blogroll!

For those keeping score, Matt Cutts (along with Jason Shellen) is the one who started all this no-follow nonsense in the first place. The link is to the official Google blog where he announced the HTML attribute value.

It’s obvious that dofollow blogs will get more attention and comments as well as spam comments, but that can be controlled using comment spam plug-ins or Akismet.

Do you have a dofollow blog?

10 Responses to “NoFollow Controversy Explained”

  1. Do follow blog

    Jun 17th, 2009

    I think mine is do follow :)
    Anyway the point is that people who aren’t do follow are often full of themselves as I have seen it.
    Page sculpting is for losers.
    And as suggested the ONLY links on my whole site that aren’t followed are the social buttons those sites have enough juice :)
    Nice post Frank
    will stumble when I get back from the spa going for my facial and pedicure LOL :)

    • Frank J

      Jun 17th, 2009


      You are the dofollow man! I know this has always been high on your list. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Kikolani

    Jun 17th, 2009

    I’m dofollow, and have been adding nofollow to social bookmark links and the links to Flickr for my photos, but that is about it. It will be interesting to see how commenting changes if nofollow becomes null, as the dofollow blogs currently get so many more comments because of that.

    ~ Kristi

    • Frank J

      Jun 17th, 2009


      That’s exactly what I said in this post.

      Thank you!

  3. Tonya

    Jun 17th, 2009

    I think mine is dofollow as well. I never got why people who force nofollow. I’ll have to look into how I’d go about setting links to my social networks to nofollow on a joomla site…

    • Frank J

      Jun 17th, 2009


      Welcome to TechJaws. By removing the nofollow attribute will influence more people to comment on you blog.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Jeet

    Jun 17th, 2009

    @Frank: The first sentence is a bit ‘unclear’. I keep all my blogs as dofollow but don’t allow keywords in anchor text. I also liked Lucia’s plug-in so that only regular contributor get link-love ;-)

  5. Michael Aulia

    Jun 18th, 2009

    I rarely put a no-follow links on my posts but I did have a do follow top commentator plug-in once. Had lots of spam and problems competing to be the top, so I took it out :)

    • Frank J

      Jun 19th, 2009


      It has been a long time. The nofollow thing is now dofollow and Google doesn’t penalize you for this or will it reduce PR.

  6. Hicham

    Jun 21st, 2009

    DoFollow+CommentLuv blogs are getting a lot of comments and spam too yet I think they are worthy to be followed. It’s not about the “link” but also about the “content” which matters for me.