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We all remember the famous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) back in the Win 95 days, but its back. If you were one of the unlucky users who applied the Microsoft patch earlier this week to fix vulnerability in its virtual DOS machine may result in boot problems on some systems.

The Blue Screen of Death will occur when a user performs a system restart in Windows XP.

The patch is no longer being distributed via the automatic update function. Microsoft is instead advising users to use its fix-it tool to provisionally fix the vulnerability. Microsoft is currently investigating the problem.

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death

Users can uninstall the update KB977165 in order to get Windows XP back up and running. The following steps are required to remove the problem patch:

  1. Boot from your CD or DVD and start the recovery console
  2. Switch to the folder containing the update: CHDIR $NtUninstallKB977165$\spuninst
  3. Uninstall the update: BATCH spuninst.txt
  4. Enter: systemroot
  5. Exit the console: exit
  6. and restart

This should get your computer operating normal. The patch has been removed from Microsoft’s automatic update system, there is no need to worry about it being reinstalled.


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  1. I reported an error with this on my laptop but the problem was that I kept getting a notice that it needed to be installed. It would look like it installed, and then the update icon would come back. I guess I was fortunate. Is it necessary to run the uninstall process if I’m not getting BSOD?

  2. I got Blue Screen of Death many times… T_T… I can only format my HDD…

  3. I neved had a single BSOD in years.. it’s mostly caused by poorly written drivers not the OS itself..

  4. Good thing I didn’t apply that Microsoft patch. But this article you have here is really a big help to others. Thanks for sharing!

  5. The CD does no good with this BSOD.

  6. I usually shout off Auto-update on XP but in Windows 7, I make it always on as I am testing with it. I’m lucky, I’m yet not catch by that BSOD error on my XP PC. :) But feel sorry for others.

  7. I think this is some kind of “sign” that it’s time to migrate to Windows 7.

    I run XP on my old PC and luckily didn’t have auto-updates turned on… But if BSOD happens when I update it, this will definitely be useful.

    Thanks Frank.

  8. Dr. Britt Borden MD

    This article by you is much helped me to get to know the microsoft.