A recent study by Symantec concludes, surprisingly, that your PC is more vulnerable to malware when you visit a religious site rather than an adult site. The results are statistically significant, tabulating that websites with an ideological or theological theme are three times more likely to host viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits and other malware compared to adult websites.

Whilst the results may seem astonishing at first glance, the hypothesis behind these findings is easy to understand.  The company Symantec elaborates that pornographic websites already generate lucrative incomes and, therefore, is in their best interest to stay malware-free in order to safeguard return customers.

It becomes immediately prominent that browsing the Internet safely has become increasingly difficult these days. VikingPC has some recommendations to prevent your PC from being infected. Follow these internet safety tips for avoiding spyware and fortify your computer security right away:Malware Attacks: Adult Sites are Safer than Religious Sites

  • Avoid Web sites that do not seem legitimate;
  • Take some time to evaluate thoroughly download websites;
  • Update your operating system on a regular basis;
  • Increase the security settings for your browser;
  • Ensure that you have one of the best security software products for your PC;
  • Type in a trusted URL for a company’s site into the address bar of your browser to bypass links in an email or instant message.

Surf the Internet without Firewalls and proper protection and you become an easy target for scammers. With reliable antivirus software such as www.vikingpc.org any virus, spyware, Trojan, rootkit or other malware threat is detected, then quarantined or erased. Whilst free antivirus downloads are available in abundance, they just cannot keep up with the influx of new strains, which tend to cause the most damage. That’s why it’s necessary to have reliable software that guarantees total peace of mind. Bottom line, VikingPC suggests that one adopts adequate diligence when surfing the internet. First impressions do count, but are not everything.

Author Bio: Eman Pulis – Works at VikingPC – The power of 5 antivirus software in 1 package