Is Your Computer Cool?

by on 06/13/2011 in Computers, Consumer Tips

If your computer has clogged vents and fans choked by dust, your computer can overheat. These parts are vital just like the coolant in your car that keeps it from overheating. The vents and fans keep moving air in and out of your computer, but they both collect dust over time.

Many people use canned air to blow dust off a computer’s internal parts which is good and will not cause any damage or risk to your computer. Some computers (desktops) you may need to remove the computer case in order to effectively clean all fans and vents from dust.

Is Your Computer Cool?

Your computer should never be too close to the wall as this will prevent air flow and could cause the computer to overheat. If your PC stopped working, it could be that it’s overheating. If a computer overheats, you could damage the CPU and other internal parts permanently which can cost a lot to repair.

I recommend cleaning vents and fans annually, but if you live in a dusty environment, more frequent cleanings are necessary.

Your computer especially needs to stay cool during the hot summer months just like you do. Keep your computer in the coolest part of your home if you can, if not, make sure to shut your computer down when you’re done using it.

A little home PC maintenance or professional computer hookup will keep your computer running longer and continue to keep you more productive.

Keep cool my friends!

8 Responses to “Is Your Computer Cool?”

  1. Rocket Bunny

    Jun 13th, 2011

    This is great advice,Frank.
    My buddy’s came over and checked my older desktop a couple of days ago.They were surprised with how clean it was.

    • Frank Jovine

      Jun 14th, 2011


      I remember when I neglected my desktops and the day I added more ram, I was like, oh my that looks nasty. :)

  2. Fresno Dentist

    Jun 16th, 2011

    Great Tips! My laptop fans is always getting dusty. It is nasty when you open cover. :)

  3. Kabeden Canlı Yayın

    Jun 17th, 2011

    My comp. is verry cool always.
    So no problem :)

  4. anakart

    Jun 18th, 2011

    yes open cover

  5. computer repair hackney

    Jun 25th, 2011

    I’ve been to many peoples home, which are very clean but some how forget that there is a behind the computer. Clean out of computer must be done every 4 months to stop it building up.

  6. Nick W

    Jun 27th, 2011

    Hi Frank. I just cleaned my desktop a few weeks ago. Until recently I didn’t know how important this was. I ended up cleaning it only as a part of some basic troubleshooting to find out why it was crashing after watching just a few minutes of video.

    My first guess was that it was overheating. I was right. I took it apart, used a whole can of compressed air (it was really dirty inside), put it back together and it has been working fine since. I’ve read that you are supposed to do this on average about twice per year.

  7. dave

    Jul 18th, 2011

    This is great advice I agree with you and i got more information from this site