Keywords are the life blood of writing for the web. The first thing you should do is research and know your keywords. Try not to dominate every keyword in your niche, be selective. Here are a few suggestions about keywords:

  • Target a set of keywords in every post, but avoid over using them too many times. I recommend that you use the keywords no more than three or four times on a page. If you use the same keywords over and over, Google can tell that your article isn’t that useful and lacks authority.
  • Use a wide variety of words that pertain to your topic. For example, if your blog is about healthy eating, you want to include keywords like – Low Fat, Less Fat and Low Calories. These words are common industry terms, but are very competitive. This is just an example.
  • Use synonyms of your keywords in addition to the keywords.
  • Don’t stick to a standard keyword density for every article or post. You want your words to flow naturally, and overuse of keywords makes your copy sound forced. It’s important to target keywords relative to the article and not site wide keywords.
  • If you’re not sure what keywords to use, try WordTracker. They have a keyword suggestion tool that works well. What I like most about this tool is it provides an estimate of how many searches are performed for each keyword. See screen shot below.


By providing the search engines with good keywords and a variety of them, you’ll start to see good results coming from search.