Are you following more people than followers? What if you could remove people you are following who are not reciprocating? You can!

In fact, with a couple of clicks, you can unfollow who are not following you. There’s a new service called InRevTwitln that’s still in beta, but works wonders.

Here’s how it works

  • Enter your Twitter name
  • Click on Flush (Big blue button)
  • Select All (when the list is complete)
  • Click on the small gray Flush button just above the list

It’s that simple!
You can keep on clicking on the big blue Flush button and continue with the steps above until you have flushed everyone not following you.

In addition to flushing people who are not following you, the service also offers up Grow and Reciprocate.

Grow: Grow your network, follow new people.
Reciprocate: Follow your followers back. Do not be a hypocrite and follow those who have chosen to follow you.

InRevTwitln also provides your Twitlin Score, Total Followers, Total Following and more.

Visit InRevTwitln and try it out for yourself.

Thanks to John over at PotPolitics for referring this site.