If you own a self hosted blog and you are using WordPress as your blog platform, this post may shed some light on how to combat comment spam.

We all dislike spam and even most of us don’t like the edible kind. If you are using Akismet as your spam blocker you are smart, but there’s more you can do to stop some of those pesky spammers who just know how to get around the system.

Akismet blocks comments based on IP, content and commenter email – See development. There’s just one problem, spammers can use proxy servers to disguise their IP (Internet Protocol). Internet Protocol (IP) is a protocol used for communicating data across a packet-switched internetwork using the Internet Protocol Suite, also referred to as TCP/IP. An IP address looks like this – 999.999.999.999.

Note: It’s very important to mark these posts as spam and not delete them. This will help aid and identify spammers and the Akismet database.

Spammers use proxy servers to mask their IPs thus fooling Anti-Spam tools from blocking the IP from posting. There are more ways to make it difficult for these spammers to post comments.

WordPress Configuration

In addition to having Akismet installed, you should also download and install the plug-in WP-SpamFree Anti-Spam.

In the WordPress Admin Console click on the WP-SpamFree link under Settings. There you will find an option called “Allow users behind proxy servers to comment?” deselect this option. This will prevent would be spammers that use proxies to post a comment.

Go to the Discussion link under Settings and do the following;

  • Select – An administrator must always approve the comment
  • Deselect – Comment author must have a previously approved comment

This will prevent those pesky spammers from posting links in the URL field to non relevant websites that they’re trying to promote by commenting on dofollow blogs. You must have seen some of these comments, see below.

  • Great article, I bookmarked your blog
  • Thanks for sharing I will tell my friends

The tougher you make it for the spammer to comment, the more likely they will move on.