How to Increase Web Traffic Through Search

by on 06/15/2009 in SEO Tips

The most important thing outside of anything else is that you want to be relevant and reputable! Avoid copying and pasting articles, videos or images that have already been published. Be creative and write about what you know well and write often!

Selecting Keywords

Think about how you or other users will type keyword phrases in search and include them naturally in your blog post.

Example of natural keywords – Sata Hard Drive, SCSI Hard Drive, External Hard Drive

  1. Always use at least (3-4 relevant words) for your ALT attribute
  2. Make sure you apply the same ALT attribute to images, videos, etc.
  3. Create categories that with good keywords – If you are using the All in One Seo plug-in make sure you deselect (Use noindex for Categories).

URL Structure

Keywords in URL paths: be

  • Use dashes as your first choice (If you are using custom Permalink structure than this will be applied automatically)
  • Next best is underscores
  • No spaces is the worst structure to use such as; sataharddrivescheap

Being relevant

  • Write about something you know well and you’re passionate about – It’s important to know your stuff! It will also build your reputation as a knowledgeable resource.
  • Write often! – Avoid being stagnant. You want your loyal fans to come back each day to see what’s new.

How to measure your effectiveness

Google Tools

  • Webmaster console at
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Website Optimizer

Share some of your SEO tips with us.

7 Responses to “How to Increase Web Traffic Through Search”

  1. HART (1-800-HART)

    Jun 15th, 2009

    If you are using the All in One Seo plug-in make sure you click on the option to index your Categories

    Do you mean – to tick the box that says …

    Use Categories for META keywords:

    I never do and just noticed, that the default is unticked. Oooops.

    • Frank J

      Jun 15th, 2009


      I edited that statement to make it clear.

      Make sure you deselect (Use noindex for Categories).

  2. Kikolani

    Jun 15th, 2009

    Great tips! I’m working on a project now that definitely needs that kind of SEO work done on it. Thanks!

    ~ Kristi

  3. John Sullivan

    Jun 15th, 2009

    Dude that’s 1992 stuff :)
    Ah I was just playing
    thanks for the info :)

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  5. HART (1-800-HART)

    Jun 15th, 2009

    Thanks Frank for clearing that up. On all my sites – that box is SELECTED by default.. Back to the ole drawing board … Like my old friend Snagglepuss always says, ‘Exit, stage left! .

  6. Jeet

    Jun 15th, 2009

    @Frank: A small point, I believe choosing keywords is the main trick, I will choose more direct and exact keywords for shopping sites while ‘information’ or MFA sites should target general terms.

    I will also include keyword rich title. Like the one you have for this post ;-)