PPC (Pay Per Click) can be very costly especially if you’re in a niche that’s relatively competitive. For example; let’s look at two companies such as Home Depot and Loews. They obviously are competing for the same keywords and that will drive up the cost per click. This is not a good way to market a blog unless you’re selling a product or service.

How to you get more traffic for cheap?

The most popular way is sharing your blog articles across many of the social networks like; StumbleUpon, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter, but this traffic is very sporadic and there’s no guarantee that you will get enough traffic to potentially convert visitors into loyal fans.

StumbleUpon offers an easy way you can get cheap traffic to your blog. I am not getting paid to advertise this article so please do not go there! You can get a visitor to your blog for the cost compared to a piece of Bazooka bubble gum. What if you could get a visitor to your blog for as little as 5 cents? If you were to set a spend limit of $5 per day for 30 days, your total investment would be $150.stumbleupon-logo

Let’s do the math

5 cents per visit divided into $5 = 100 visitors daily
$150 per month = 3000 unique visitors per month

It’s a very small investment to get traffic to your blog. I have used StumbleUpon advertising when I first launched my blog. My spend limit was $150 per month for 3 consecutive months. The total cost of this campaign was $450, bringing in a total of 4500 unique visitors in 90 days.

Let’s not forget the potential of more traffic if a StumbleUpon user likes your page and they give it thumbs up and/or review and share. The potential of your blog getting viral is very good. I have seen an additional 300 unique visitors per day above and beyond the campaign I was running with StumbleUpon.

Here’s how it works

  • You must create a separate advertiser account and not your existing account
  • StumbleUpon shows your page directly to interested web surfers
  • Target the exact audience you want
  • No click through required
  • Get valuable feedback from interested users

See a demo on StumbleUpon Advertising or visit the StumbleUpon Ad page.