How to Get the Most Out of the Galaxy Tab 4

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As the smartphone revolution continues to unfold, it is evident that Android is the clear winner among operating systems. Recent figures from analyst ABI Research indicate that the platform dominates with 80 percent of the market share of smartphone operating systems. This equates to just less than 300 million smartphones running Android ­– or an Android fork – shipped in the recent quarter.

One of the key players in this revolution is, of course, Samsung. Research shows that Samsung’s tablet business is booming. According to the research firm IDC, Samsung sold 277 percent more Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note tablets during the second quarter of this year than last. That means that the company saw 8 million more tablets in the hands of their consumers, crushing the returns of all of its Android-based competitors.

Samsung launched the first Android-based tablet is 2010 with the delivery of its Galaxy Tabs. Since that time, we have seen the development of such devices as the Kindle Fire, Nexus 7 and even the iPad Mini, which all owe a debt to Samsung’s vision and ingenuity.

The latest Android-powered device is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Partnered with T-Mobile, the low-priced Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 provides great freedom for the user with free 4G LTE data plans and no binding contracts. In this article, we will talk about some of the different things users can do with this versatile device.

The Power of S Voice

All of the Galaxy Tab devices are outfitted with S Voice capability. This is a voice-assisted feature that is similar to the iPhone’s Siri. This feature allows you to access different features of the device with just your voice alone. For instance, use S Voice to access your contacts. The app will then ask which contact you would like to find. Simply say that contact and S Voice will find it for you.

Internet Searching

Obviously, you can use the Internet icon to access the web, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 also has a simpler and more efficient way to do your web searching. Simply hold down the “Home” button until your default browser appears. You can then touch the microphone icon to activate voice commands. Moreover, performing simple searches in this way is quite accurate.

Samsung Smart Camera

Samsung’s Wi-Fi-connected cameras have unique capabilities when they’re connected to an Android-based phone or tablet. With this app you can download photos from your camera or use your tablet as a remote viewfinder, triggering the camera from afar.

Story Album

This nifty app allows lets you arrange your photos by date and location. You can then eventually print them as hardcover books or print them using Wi-Fi or USB printer.

Optimize Your Home Screen

Use this feature to add or delete home screen pages. Simply use your thumb and index finger to “pinch” a screen that you are on. This will display all of the available home screen options. From here you and drag and delete home screens or add new ones.

Use Other Apps While Watching Video

This feature allows you to do two things at once. While watching a video, simply tap the button in the bottom right corner and your video playback screen will shrink (you can adjust the size by “pinching” the playback screen. Then, simply open up the second application you wish to use: take notes, check email, or update your calendar all while watching the video on your screen.

These are just a few of the features available with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and Android-based devices. However, Samsung continues to enhance its Galaxy Tab and other mobile devices. As the demand for smartphones and tablets continues to grow, it is clear that Samsung will remain a leader in the digital device market.

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