In the last 6 weeks many of the friends I made and shared links with are no longer around and for good reason. They all had their StumbleUpon accounts put under review which means you will never get it back, you can count on that. This recently happened to me back in November 2008. I read the terms twice, but still could not figure why it happened to me as well.

After sending 5 emails over a 10 day period, I have still not received a response from the StumbleUpon gods. My friends also received the same cold treatment I did.

Facts: 10K+ sites “I Liked”, 300+ friends and 300+ subscribers. I also advertised 4 campaigns at $20 per. What could have gone wrong to be placed in that pile of orphans called under review?

My persistence paid off! I thought if you shared stumbles and stumble and review other sites along with making friends, than you would be playing by the rules. Not so fast, there’s more to it than that.

The send-to button is there to send pages to your friends. But how many do you send? It has nothing to do with the amount that you send, but what you send.

If you are only sending your own blog posts, SU obviously knows you are marketing your own site – and will probably discount the stumbles on your blog. You need to send pages from various sites to your friends to avoid being red-flagged.

Also, say your same friends thumb up your post every day. That is a pattern and you need to mix it up a little. My tip would be to send your blog post to 3 to 5 random friends and keep track of who you’re sending pages to. You need to only send your pages to a unique friend once per week, this will keep you from forming a pattern.

Happy Stumbling all!