How to Achieve Top Rankings in Search Engines

by on 06/11/2009 in SEO Tips

The proper term is known as SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Many people who are trying to achieve search engine ranking through keywords make the mistake of choosing the wrong keywords to target. How do you choose the proper keywords?

Choose a keyword phase that has no more than 4 keywords.

If you are targeting a word like “art”, you may find that you’re not ranking well for this keyword because the keyword itself is too general. Whether you are looking for your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, download art work, or buy something from you, you want to be sure that you are matching the right offer to the right audience. What does this all mean? You are looking for targeted traffic. Instead of choosing a keyword like “art”, use a keyword phrase like “animal pencil sketches”. This phrase is more specific and not general. If someone was to search and type animal sketches, it’s more than likely your web page will come up in the search results.

Check to see how well a keyword performs by using tools.

Some tools will provide estimates on the amount of traffic your keyword can bring you. If you are targeting an obscure keyword that nobody ever uses, you may just be wasting your time and resources. Google offers a free keyword tool that will give you a good idea on which keyword phrase to choose. The tool reveals estimated search traffic, as well as the level of competition.

Google Search-based Keyword Tool.

But don’t be over-reliant on keyword tools to help you find keywords. As a website owner, you should be very familiar with your niche. Know who your target customers are. That will help you find and locate valuable keywords that no one else would’ve thought of.

Choose keywords with a fair amount of competition. Some marketers believe strongly that keywords with little competition are easier to rank. Therefore, it makes sense to target those keywords. But if you are setting up an online business, you want to be in an active market. In other words, the best keywords are those with a fair amount of competition, but are not overly saturated.

Hope this helps and please share your opinions.

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  1. John Sullivan

    Jun 11th, 2009

    Nice post Francis :)
    here’s a little something I was just checking out
    what do you think Peace

    • Frank J

      Jun 11th, 2009


      I will check that out shortly and thanks for the social loving.

  2. JamesD

    Jun 11th, 2009

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

    • Frank J

      Jun 11th, 2009


      I am glad to share and thank you for visiting TechJaws.

  3. Good advice Frank, I think the same process should be used when choosing category titles. What’s your take on that?

  4. Kikolani

    Jun 11th, 2009

    This will come in handy… I’m working on a project that will need a lot of SEO help soon.

    @John: I’m checking RockinSEO out too!

    ~ Kristi

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  6. Jeet

    Jun 11th, 2009

    @Frank: I often use analytics to find some good keywords that are sending me decent traffic. Google webmaster tool’s report about keywords that you are ranking for but are not getting traffic might also help fine tune some keywords.

    @John: RockinSEO looks fine ;)

  7. Frank J

    Jun 12th, 2009


    I use the same tool to analyze my keywords. At times I try to be a little more scrapie and try to test certain keywords that many may be over looking.