Google Panda Survival Tips

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Google Panda has caused a lot of anxiety and apprehension amongst online communities, especially small businesses that rely heavily on web traffic to generate their revenues. Nonetheless, in spite of the impact that Google Panda is expected to make, there are short-term and long-term SEO strategies that you can put in place to not only avoid the impact of the Google Panda update, but recover from the update.Google Panda Survival Tips

Traffic Diversification

According to a recent study it was discovered that majorities of online businesses, especially small businesses rely heavily on Google organic search for inbound traffic over any other source. This was mainly because SEO traffic tends to convert well compared to other sources.

As a general rule, you need to make certain that Google does not account for over 40% of the traffic received on your site. This is mainly because a slight change in its algorithm will most definitely have a huge impact on your inbound traffic, which in turn affects your revenue. If you take into consideration the amount of time that it can take you to identify and recoup from a minor SEO offense, for example, overlooked redirects, poor navigational links and server downtimes amongst others, placing all your eggs in a single basket enhances your risk by a considerable margin.

Whereas it is true that organic traffic tends to convert much better, relying on it solely means that you are not taking advantage of other sources available to you, for instance, paid search campaigns. Listed below, are some of the benefits of paid search campaigns that you stand to gain from:

  • Product: Perhaps the greatest benefit that you stand to gain from paid search campaigns is guaranteed exposure. This not only extends to the products you are promoting, but services. Nonetheless, the key is to tally keywords to the precise products.
  • Price:  In this instance, it is not simply the price of the merchandise or service being provided, but the cost the business has to pay in order to generate the much needed traffic. In addition to the monetary aspect, you need to factor in the time and energy spent in ensuring that a particular keyword ranks high in organic search results.
  • Promotion: Whereas you might alter the content describing your products and services, you might not have the resources required to change the contents required in order to rank high on a particular keyword. One of the major challenges that majorities of the online users face is the difficulty to control the type of pages returned by search engine results. However, when you opt for paid search campaigns, you might have some say in the search pages returned by the search engine.
  • Location: There will be no changes in regards to the distribution of your products. But this is not the case when you solely rely on organic search engine results.
  • People: Paid search campaigns enable you to have some form of control over behavioral signals used in search engine queries by making use of SEO.

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6 Responses to “Google Panda Survival Tips”

  1. marketing online

    Sep 25th, 2012

    One of the secrets to revive your website reputation after the Google panda update is through creating unique and fresh content for your page. Google loves this and so will help you increase your website ranking.

  2. Jason Stevens

    Sep 25th, 2012

    This is great information to have, I had heard about the update and the impact it is going to have on websites, especially those who rely on organic search traffic. I really enjoyed how the 5 P’s of marketing were added to the end of the article.

  3. Srivathsan G.K

    Sep 26th, 2012

    I don’t support paid campaigns. Because there are lot of fake ones around.

  4. Roshan

    Sep 27th, 2012

    First of all, this is a great write up. But right now, I’m trying so hard to figure out if my site is affected by Google Panda or not. Can someone tell me a way to figuring it out? thanks.

  5. Jafeer

    Oct 1st, 2012

    Actually some of my sites survived Panda but hit by Penguin. Will have to start from scratch

  6. Johan Norton

    Oct 10th, 2012

    If you just provide good/original content in your website you can avoid or survive Panda update, just like what I did to my website.