Google is a Launching Machine

by on 09/03/2008 in Internet, Software

Yesterday Google launched a beta version, Picasa 3.0, of its photo management software, claiming it can break down “barriers between your home PC and your online albums.”

It seems Google is on a launching frenzy. No sooner was its new Chrome browser out of the block than the company announced a public beta of Picasa 3.0, its photo management system, along with a redesign of Picasa Web Albums.

According to a blog by product manager Mike Horowitz, Picasa 3.0 includes a “new ‘sync to web’ feature that automatically updates online albums when you add or edit photos on your computer.” There will also now be tools to edit and retouch photos.

As to Picasa Web albums, it now includes “a new ‘name tags’ feature that helps organize your growing photo collection by people. Opt-in to name tags, and our technology automatically groups photos containing similar faces. Instead of asking you to painstakingly label pictures one-by-one, name tags let you rapidly tag many photos at once. By doing so, you can easily find that photo of your cousin from two years ago; create a slideshow of you and your best friend, or share an album with everybody who appears in the photos.”

9 Responses to “Google is a Launching Machine”

  1. Sue Massey

    Sep 3rd, 2008

    You know, I have to tell you, I really enjoy this blog and the insight from everyone who participates. I find it to be refreshing and very informative. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted, I

  2. Frank J

    Sep 3rd, 2008

    Sue – I appreciate the kind words and we will work hard each day to find appealing stories to share.

  3. Michael Aulia

    Sep 3rd, 2008

    Yeah I read about this news too. Google is da man ;)

    I love every single innovation that they create (except the Google Ad Manager – it’s a bit too complicated for me)

  4. Frank J

    Sep 3rd, 2008


    Google is a machine!

  5. Fool

    Sep 3rd, 2008

    This blog has been in my bookmarks for ever, just because I am a fool doesn’t mean I can not recognize a good thing when I see it.

  6. cchiovitti

    Sep 3rd, 2008

    I’m stunned at the amount of “new stuff” that Google is just launching left and right lately. The one thing I wonder, though, is if the public is going to tire of hearing the “Google” brand on everything and begin to steer clear. I think it’s great that they’re providing more and more services, but I wonder if each of the individual endeavors will boost the overall name or just end up diluting them. It’s just getting a weird monopoly-type vibe to me.

  7. Frank J

    Sep 3rd, 2008

    Thanks Fool as always!

  8. Frank J

    Sep 3rd, 2008

    Google is amazing and there’s still so much they will do in the future.

  9. GoogleWatcher

    Sep 6th, 2008

    Google is the undisputed search king. The holy grail in the search world to be able to search images and videos. Imagine the possibilities if you could search pictures in a “human” way. You had to know Google was working on this.

    If you watch some of the patent filings, you can see that Google and Microsoft are hot on the image recognition work. The not only have their own research staffs but they also “hire” research universities. Facial recognition is only the beginning. The goal is image recognition.

    It is one complex problem and possibly unsolvable, but only companies like Google or MS could afford to spend the billions on it. I for one can’t wait till they perfect it.