There’s an email purporting to be from a security source, claiming that your email address associated with the following services (Google, Google Wallet, Facebook, Android Phone and Apple iPhone) might have been hacked by “Anonymous”.Google, Facebook Accounts Hacked Notification Scam

This is a scam that tries to get recipients to sign up for a bogus credit report to ensure your personal identifiable information is still secured and hasn’t been breached. The links in the email go to a dangerous phishing website ( that tries to collect personal identifiable information from people who received this bogus notification.

Actual Email

You are being contacted because our records indicate that your email address was associated with one of the following services within the last 6 months:

  • Google
  • Google Wallet
  • Facebook
  • Android Phone
  • Apple iPhone

The hacker group calling themselves “Anonymous” has been conducting ongoing attacks on Google and Facebook since January 2012. Reports indicate that they have already managed to compromise the servers of several prominent and well-known establishments including US Government systems.

Anonymous is the same group that successfully hacked Sony last year and stole millions of customer records including credit card information. To protect yourself we recommend that you follow these steps:

1) Change the passwords on your Google and Facebook accounts to prevent unauthorized access.

2) Change the passwords to any online banking or online credit card you may use.

3) We strongly recommend using this service to review and monitor all three of your credit reports.

Remember that once hackers gain access to one of your accounts, it is very easy for them to gain access to your other accounts. To monitor your financial data and protect yourself click here.

To stop receiving these notices please use this link.

Customer Service, 4447 North Central Expy, Ste 110 PMB 406, Dallas, TX 75205

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