I am not convinced at all about this statistic and for good reason. In the last 20 years, every lady I have dated or married (1), were not up to par in math, even basic math. The biggest struggles I have noticed were fractions, percentages, and division. According to this study, girls are just as good as boys in math.

A study that was carried out by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found out that girls and boys have similar scores at math tests, contrary to common belief. Even though this study has little chance to change what most people think, which is that girls don’t have the same natural abilities as boys when it comes to math, it surely should lead counselors and teachers to change the way they think about the matter.

A similar study that was conducted 20 years ago found that girls were likely to have worse results in math and physics than boys. However, during the last several years, more and more girls have started taking math classes, which researchers consider to be the explanation for the results of their study.