We’re always happy to hear about other Sharks out there in the water, and it makes us proud to know that there’s a music service out there just for Sharks like us.

It’s called Grooveshark, and it’s part Peer-2-Peer application, part online music streaming social network. If you’re anti-Peer2Peer or concerned about the legal aspects of sharing your music and downloading others’ music (and you should be), there’s Grooveshark Lite, which is just the web front-end and requires no installation of software to operate (click the screenshot below to see the full-size version):

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been at work and just wanted to hear one song really badly but didn’t have it in my music collection, and I’d scour the web trying to find it. Usually, I end up on YouTube and watch the music video for the song. Now I don’t need to, because I can find very nearly anything on Grooveshark Lite.

What do you use to satisfy that musical hankerin’ that sometimes hits us all? Let us know in the comments.

-The Raging Tech