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How’s your site measuring up when it comes to on page SEO? Pineberry offers a free SEO analysis of your website and or blog. You can print out your report and compare it later after you make changes and run the analysis again.

How does it work?

This tool judges how well seo-optimized a single web page is for any given keyword. It looks, for example, at titles, headings and text relevance. A page can get a maximum of 100 points in this analysis. For each flaw, points are deducted based on the SEO-related importance of that specific issue.

Enter your URL, Keyword, Captcha and click on analyze page. See image below.


Here’s what Pineberry analyzes

Number of pages
Text volume
Text relevancy
Source code
Meta description
Meta keywords

Once you get your overall score, you should make any necessary changes to improve your on page SEO.

We used the keyword SEO and scored 66 out of 100. What was your score and what keyword did you use?

Get your Free SEO Analysis today.


About the author: Frank Jovine


The idea for Tech Jaws and most of the look of the site came from Frank’s mind – a place you wouldn’t want to vacation. Frank takes his run of the waters up North, and has been building successful web sites for years. He’s a regular within social communities like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg. His favorite appetite for tech savvy web sites include, TechCrunch, ZDNet, and helping members in Yahoo Answers in the Computer category.


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  1. Ouch! I was playing around with it to one of my post and it gave me 73/100 points because my title is not on H1 tag!!

    I forgot to update it after I upgraded my theme files *ugh*. Thanks to you Frank, I’ve made the change to my theme now to use H1 tag for the post titles.

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  3. I got various for my PetLvr site, highest being 55/100 – for “pets” – mostly because I have no clue what the keywords are for that site. There’s gazillions of them. It’s out of control.

    But, my BattlingForHealth site scored 78/100 for “health”

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  5. Not bad — scored a 75 for “weight.”

    I don’t even want to talk about my writing site. Ouch! I have some work to do there. Thanks for the tool; it brought up some issues I definitely need to work on.

  6. Like this tool, l scored 89, it says l won award, are these guys a recognized body, they ask me to upload the award logo, do not know if l should and what will it account for.

  7. I have just done a few changes and now have a 99 how good is that.

  8. Hey Frank, interesting tool.

    I was a 71/100, here’s my biggest negatives:
    1) The title is longer than 64 characters. -5 points
    2) The H1 is longer than 40 characters. -5 points
    3) The H1 does not contain the indicated keyword as a whole. -5 points
    4) The keyword (life skills) constitutes 0.4% of the text. This is too little. -5 points
    5) The meta description of the page does not contain the keyword. -3 points
    6) The web page does not have any meta keywords. -2 points

    So, they must be including my description (Simple Steps to Quickly Transform Your Life) in my title (Advanced Life Skills)

    Are the counting my latest article title H1 ?

    My keyword (life Skills for the analysis) seems like it would be different for each article, is this correct?

    Even with these issues, if you google the keyword phrase “Life Skills Blog” I am #1 out of 558 million results.

    What should I change?

    • Jonathan,

      Your score was better than mine. The page it’s checking is the main page, so yes the H1 is from the latest article.

      Don’t change what you are ranking well in Google!

  9. Very handy indeed. Cheers.

  10. Definitely a good tool… it gave me a few ideas on how to improve on my domain. Thanks!

    ~ Kristi

  11. Creditos online

    I usually use this one


    but that from Pine berry seems a lot more simple. It´s bookmarked. I have a score of 73% for my primary keyword, i think it´s not bad. Putting more posts i will grow up to 83%, that´s my goal.

  12. I got 67/100 for directory submission service. No wonder I always rank between 5-10 ;-) Will fix some of the obvious ones. :)

  13. There are lots of free SEO tools like this one. Check out this one: http://www.websitegrader.com/


  14. Thank you for reviewing the tool. There is one thing I thought I might explain as it has been touched in the comments. When the tool tests the H1 it puts together all if there are more than 1 on the page.

    For comparison, when it comes to the points, usually a good quality site that has already had a full scale on page done reach from 75-85 points.

  15. Do you think this tool is relevant to improving the adwords score for a landing page?