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I was on a mission to hunt down free directories that have a high Google Pagerank and do not require a reciprocal link. It took me a while to compile this list and I am sure there are many more. Many of the directories listed below are Dofollow. If you are looking for link juice, here’s your OJ!

PR8 boingboing.net – General Directory
PR8 lii.org – General Directory
PR8 vlib.org – General Directory
PR8 vos.ucsb.edu – Art Directory
PR7 blo.gs – Blog Directory
PR7 envirolink.org – Science and Technology Directory
PR6 2rss.com – RSS Directory
PR6 aardvark.co.za – General Directory
PR6 accoona.com – Business Directory
PR6 beesker.com – Arts Directory
PR6 best-searchengine.com – General Directory
PR6 blogdigger.com – Blog Directory
PR6 dart.fine-art.com – Arts Directory
PR6 femina.com – Women’s Directory
PR6 freewebsubmission.com – SEO Web Directory
PR6 geniusfind.com – General Directory
PR6 infotiger.com – General Directory
PR6 maxpromo.com – General Directory
PR6 nodeworks.com – General Directory
PR6 portal.eatonweb.com – Blog Directory
PR6 xzswhj.com – General Directory
PR5 ajooja.com – General Directory
PR5 artchain.com – Arts Directory
PR5 buscopio.net – General Directory
PR5 directory.classifieds1000.com – General Directory
PR5 frety.net – General Directory
PR5 haddock.org – General Directory
PR5 rakcha.com – General Directory
PR5 ribcast.com – General Directory
PR5 searchsight.com – General Directory
PR5 searchwiz.com – General Directory
PR5 topblogging.com – Blog Directory

Start submitting your blog and websites for free! If you know of other free directory sites, please let us know by commenting on this blog post.


About the author: Frank Jovine


The idea for Tech Jaws and most of the look of the site came from Frank’s mind – a place you wouldn’t want to vacation. Frank takes his run of the waters up North, and has been building successful web sites for years. He’s a regular within social communities like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg. His favorite appetite for tech savvy web sites include, TechCrunch, ZDNet, and helping members in Yahoo Answers in the Computer category.


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  1. Nice quiet Sunday morning great time to submit to some of these thanks Frank :)
    Hope you had a great weekend :)
    Let’s really kick some ass this week :)
    I’m ready
    Thanks for all your help

  2. I think it’s a big mistake to include boingboing.net as a ‘general directory’.

  3. Johnny also my bros name,

    I am hunting down more and will include it in the first list I shared.

  4. Hey fellas, how was your holiday?

  5. Thanks for the list Frank – some I have hit others I was not aware of!

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  7. That’s an awesome list! I’m working on a few sites that could use some great directory submissions like these. Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Kristi

  8. Yo I’m digging Kristi’s new pic :)
    what a cutie inside and out
    as for you Frank No comment LOL :)

  9. I saved a copy of these lists..
    Thank You for sharing these…
    Actually I am collecting for many sites for me to use
    in my SEO…

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  11. You are giving us gold!!! This excellent info for my linkbuilding campaign. I´m starting to love your blog.

  12. Thank you so much for this list. It even better as i dont have to reciprocate. i am definitely stumbling this article.

  13. Thanks a lot for this amazing directories list, thanks also for making our search engine optimization easier.

    Great tool !!!

  14. Thanks for sharing this useful list of web directories. I got some useful tips on your blog. I am bookmarking it and i will read it later. Thanks

  15. Great list, thanks a lot!

  16. Cheers for the info nice list

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