Free Annual Credit Report Scams

by on 05/31/2011 in Scams & Hoaxes, Security

There’s only one authorized source for Free Annual Credit Reports by law and that’s If you come across any unsolicited email about free credit reports, you should delete the email or mark it as spam.

Any sites that offer free credit reports, that aren’t authorized, are scams. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has received numerous complaints from consumers stating that they were charged fees or had to buy other services in order to obtain their free annual credit report.

There’s an email, claiming to offer free credit reports. If the recipient clicks on the link in the email, it goes to ( This site is not authorized by the FTC as a credit reporting service. This site is a scam that is out to harvest people’s personal information to be used for unlawful activities.

The site has a poor reputation by WOT (Web Of Trust).

Example Email

Free Credit Report Scams

Don’t fall victim to these credit report scams!

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