Finding the Best USB Connector for a Range of Devices

by on 11/27/2017 in Tech

USB is the abbreviated form of a Universal Serial Bus. That is a connecting device, which has created revolutionary transformation in data transfer process. The phrase Universal Serial Bus refers to the industrial standard of defining the different connecting accessories like cables, connectors, and the communication protocols as well. This communication protocol refers to the communication between computers and other devices by the power supply.

It is the very device, created to standardize the connection process as I have mentioned earlier. USB helps to connect the peripheral devices such as keyboards, mouse, network adaptors and so on with the personal computers, and it also carries an essential characteristic of power supply to those peripheral devices. The creation of USB has substituted many earlier connecting processes like serial ports or parallel ports and so on. This tool also serves as the versatile device of connection and even as the separate power chargers.

Initiation Part

USB was fundamentally started in as early as 1994 when it was first initiated. The idea behind that was to modify the process of connecting external devices to computer and make it easier. In the course of its modification, the specification of USB-C was initiated in 1996. In the following section, I would talk about USB-C.

Parts and Parcels of the new age connector

USB-C is often called USB type C in the technical terms. The type is specified by the feature of it being the rotationally symmetrical connector. The specification of the first generation USB type C was specified in 2014 which is also known as USB type C 1.0; this also coincides with the development of USB 3.1 device. However, both the system devices are distinguished by their power delivery.

Design and look

The design of USB is asymmetrical in the case of its topology. It is consisted a host and also a tiered star topology in which the multiple peripheral devices are connected. Last but not the least it also includes a multitude of downstream USB ports. However, on the contrary, the USB type C is typically distinguished by its characteristic of being a rationally symmetrical connector.

Special features

The device is also unique in various dimensions as in the first place I can mention that it can connect the host and the devices as well. This very model of the best USB c to USB c cable has substituted the various connecting devices used like USB-A or USB-B. It is a 24 pin double-sided connector is a little larger than micro-B connector and comes with 8.4 mm by 2.6 mm USB-C port.

Most importantly, we can mention for the USB type C cable which in the case of dual role port comes with the of data role swap capability. In fact, the USB power delivery may swap data dynamically with the help of this feature.

There are lots of other advantages of the modern age connector, and the designs/features keep on changing to come up with something more extraordinary for our benefits.

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