To be honest, I can’t work with the built-in download manager of iPhone because it is so limited and slow. That is why I tried few third-party apps to have a chance to download files form the Internet to my iPhone quickly and with the opportunity to edit and sort them at once. I have chosen 3 outstanding, to my humble opinion, download managers for iOS devices and below you can find their reviews.

iDownloader Pro – a universal download manager for your iPhone!
In the AppStore you can download this app for free

iDownloader Pro – a universal download manager for your iPhone!

iDownloader Pro is a universal download manager for iOS devices that allows a user to download files to an iPhone directly from the Internet. These can be photos, music, videos and any other files that you need. With this app you can also throw them from a phone to a computer (of course, if you have software for synchronization).

With iDownloader Pro you can easily and quickly (depending on the speed of the Internet connection you have) download any file from the network on your iOS device, and then use it whether on your mobile device or PC.

iDownloader Pro is now the only application in the AppStore that supports downloading of videos from the major video hosting sites. Among other features are:

  • Ultra-fast download speeds (support of few simultaneously downloads at the maximum speed of your Internet connection);
  • Up to 10 concurrent downloads at once;
  • You can download with the app in the background while working with other apps of your iPhone;
  • Support for resuming the broken/paused/stopped downloads
  • Download files larger than 20MB (on 3G versions and higher);
  • The interface is similar to Safari browser;
  • Easy to start downloading a file in one click;
  • The full-screen mode and the bookmark manager

Filer – more than just an ordinary download manager!
Price in the AppStore: $ 3.99

Filer for iPhone

Filer is a unique application that allows you to download files from the network on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and share them between any mobile devices or PC. I checked that the latest version of Filer works great with iOS 4.0 based devices, especially the copy/paste function. Just copy the download link from Safari or Mail, and paste it into Filer to start downloading the file from the Internet.

The features Filer users can apply:

  • Bookmarklet for Safari allows you to run the Filer in order to download the current page or continue to browse other links;
  • During downloading process there is the indicator showing the download progress, speed and the remaining time;
  • There is the convenient file browser letting create folders, move/rename files, etc;
  • There is the integrated web-browser with multiple options;
  • A user can set the password lock to protect his downloaded files;
  • You will be able to extract files in .zip archives;
  • Web Sharing option will allow you to upload/download files from any computer using Wi-Fi, as well as to work with 2 copies of Filer open at the same time.

There is a free limited Filer Lite version you can also download from the AppStore.

My Downloads Pro – one of the best specific apps for iOS devices!
Price in the AppStore: $ 0.99

My Downloads Pro

My Download is another version of download managers released by the company SSAMobile which makes qualitatively different applications specifically for users of Apple’s devices. Earlier I have already reviewed iDownloader Pro, which essentially has the same functional as this particular program but there are few dissimilarities as well.

One of the significant differences between these two applications is a different design. There is also a wider range of options for downloading different file formats. My Downloads Pro can offer such possibilities for a user of an iOS device:

  • It is easy to find media files after tier downloads;
  • Download media files from the main menu of the app by pressing one button;
  • The navigation is very simple;
  • Manage a list of active users;
  • Manage your uploaded files quickly;
  • There is the built-in browser with multiple options;
  • There is the ability to customize the applications on various individual settings.

What download managers for iOS devices do you use?

Feel free to share your opinion with the rest of readers and me. I personally find these 3 download managers universal and the best ones if to compare their functional with the built-in download manager of iPhone or iPad or some other third-party programs. But there are many download managers available in the AppStore, so you can have your own favorites. Would love to read your comments.

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