It is essential that business owners use a lot of tools and resources to get noticed today over the internet. Marketing methods have changed a lot with time. Today social media is an essential aspect of marketing as it offers so many channels for marketing. Methods and ideas about marketing via social media change every day, and the advice available is too much. In this article, you will learn how to manage your social media curation tools correctly and appropriately.

  1. Becoming active on social media platforms

You have to start interacting and engaging with people over social media. Avoid using the same old content and schedules on your social media accounts as it won’t generate engagement with viewers. You need to create more engagement as engagements will give a boost to all those phrases and words which you use in your marketing. This will lead to you curating your content and making it more likable and original. You shall get more likes, comments and also shares your posts. This will set up your marketing process. As you start getting feedback from your readers, you will generate more trust and respect for your company and your business. Your business will become increasingly approachable for your readers. Thus you have to engage with your followers over social media to win their trust and start off with your marketing campaigns.

  1. Visual detailing

Videos are the most popular form of content that is shared over social media. A video can express properly in 1 minute what a 4000-word article is not able to do with relative ease. Hence, videos are so powerful as content. Everybody over social media watches videos. Studies have shown that people watch around 50 to 80 minutes of video content every day. Thus a massive amount of information gets communicated via the medium of videos. Hence, creating new videos and then sharing them on your social media profiles is likely to get you a lot of new connections. You can try using the same content on which you have written your articles for your blog and then put them on videos.

Marketers simply make short powerpoint presentations about their core ideas and then add a voice-over for the presentation, in case they do not wish to come on camera and thus create a video presentation. However, it is best to come for yourself in your videos personally, as this is likely to create more engagement. People can feel like they are connecting with you more.  Create short videos, do not make them too long as it can get boring. Put the significant and exciting part of your content up front, do not make the viewer wait too long for the information to arrive. And optimize your videos so that they can play over limited bandwidths also. Thus people with slower internet will also be able to view them.

  1. Provide content that is related to your niche area

It is very much possible that in this world of cutthroat competition, it can get tough to find that is still original I every sense. You will find that someone in your audience has already conveyed something or the other about what you want to convey. As a result, any new content that you want to put up may seem not original. It is, for this reason, many marketers over social media use curation of their content for marketing. They share contents which have already been shared by others provided it is available in their niche. Followers increase from curated content.

When marketers share content from other sources, it is called curation. Many marketers use this strategy. The more you can curate, the better will be your following status. You will have a running flow of good content, and you will not have to be under any pressure to create original content every single day. Hence, curate content for your industry or your niche. Check out top trends in your market, use a lot of sources which can help your followers.

You can visit various blogs to learn about the most effective social media curation tools which will increase your followers and engagement on social media and help your business grow.


Social media marketing strategies are evolving every day. Content curation is an effective strategy which saves lots of time and money. You do not have to feel pressurized to produce original content daily; you can simply share other contents from your niche and still get more followers. Hopefully, you can use this strategy properly for your business.

Author bio: Derek Iwasiuk is an experienced social media marketing manager cum analyst who has written about social media marketing strategies on many blogs and websites. He recommends social media curation tools for all your social media content curation issues.