Do You Remember The Game Pong?

by on 09/09/2009 in Games, History

In 1974, Atari engineer Harold Lee proposed a home version of Pong that would connect to a television: Home Pong. The system began development under the codename Darlene, named after an attractive female employee at Atari.

On September 5th, 1975 the home version of Pong was released and sold exclusively by Sears. The cost was just under $100. That seemed like a lot of money back than for a video game and console, but it was a game that I played with my brother for hours.


Game Play

The aim is to defeat an opponent – either computer-controlled or a second player – by earning a higher score.

Home Pong was an instant success following its limited 1975 release through Sears; around 150,000 units were sold that holiday season.

Home Pong was classified as a sports game, mimicking table tennis.

Other facts: The game was originally manufactured by Atari Incorporated (Atari), who released it in 1972 as a commercial version. Pong was created by Allan Alcorn as a training exercise assigned to him by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell. Bushnell based the idea on an electronic ping-pong game included in the Magnavox Odyssey, which later resulted in a lawsuit against Atari. Surprised by the quality of Alcorn’s work, Atari decided to manufacture the game.

11 Responses to “Do You Remember The Game Pong?”

  1. christie

    Sep 9th, 2009

    Oh that brings back such fun memories! Pong! Thanks Frank!
    .-= christie´s last blog ..Gut feelings =-.

  2. mysticdave

    Sep 9th, 2009

    I remember getting this for Christmas, back then it was the best, i also worked in an arcade as a teenager, and they had an original one….this was in 1976 or so, and it was already almost obsolete. It was a great time to work in an arcade because they were bringing in new games everyday, and the technology was changing so fast…..Ahhh, the memories…. :)
    .-= mysticdave´s last blog ..Live Mystic Music =-.

  3. Parminder

    Sep 10th, 2009

    It was great fun playing the game…i and my siblings used to enjoy a lot. I really miss those days!

  4. abdullah

    Sep 10th, 2009

    yeah when i was a kid i used to play different games on atari
    one of them…
    but now one feels funny when he sees these games but are great for fun…
    .-= abdullah´s last blog ..The Robot Drummer =-.

    • Frank J

      Sep 10th, 2009

      It’s a game I will never forget.

  5. Carla Fiscina

    Sep 10th, 2009

    I takes me back in old times when computers were all offline and it was the greatest fun to play pong! :-)))
    .-= Carla Fiscina´s last blog ..The Most Important Vitamin For Women’s Health =-.

    • Frank J

      Sep 10th, 2009


      Rainy days were more fun with Pong.

  6. ogrevanje

    Sep 11th, 2009

    It’s really fascinating, how 30 years ago and more we were happy with this sort of games and now every game thats 2 years old coudn’t make a teenager happy.


    Sep 11th, 2009

    It’s one of the epic games of the past. I remember this game and Tetris revolutionized console gaming. I still don’t forget Pacman and Mario when it comes to power playing
    .-= MMORPG´s last blog ..Krazy Aces Opens Close Beta Registration =-.

    • Frank J

      Sep 11th, 2009

      Wow Tetris! That game was just too addicting!

  8. Hicham

    Sep 12th, 2009

    Oldies are alway goldies, Frank! I never forget Atari, and those amazing 2D games :)
    .-= Hicham´s last blog ..Me, Myself and Websites =-.