Exchange Server is the most commonly used mail server, which enables the organization to send or receive emails in a secure manner. Also, it will help to perform the administrative tasks including archiving mailbox, sending the email message, providing delivery report etc, in a simplified way. Due to the presence of these features entire process of an organizational communication relays on the server. Only the administrator has been granted that privilege to make modification or changes on the Exchange. Moreover, being an exchange administrator users must have to know that how to deal with Exchange Server during the many disaster scenarios. In this article, we are going to explain the most common Exchange Server errors along with possible reasons and solution. In addition, also discuss various solutions related to Exchange Server.

Common Exchange Server Errors – Types

There are some of the most common Exchange server errors and issues. Once users are able to identify the error, then, they can easily resolve them accordingly. To follow below points:

  • Issues related to mail flow in Exchange
  • Connectivity Issue in Exchange Server
  • Exchange Server Error 450 4.7.1
  • Unavailability of an Exchange Server
  • Corruption in the Exchange Database
  • Jet Engine Error 1018 in Exchange
  • Drop Connection if transmission Exceeds

Resolutions Related to Common Exchange Server Issues

There are multiple reasons due to which such error may encounter in Microsoft Exchange. Here, we will discuss all above common exchange server errors along with its solution so that users can resolve are of them. Go through the points given below:

  • Mail Flow Related Errors in Exchange: Sometimes, users may face certain issues while sending or receiving the mail messages. This mail flow issue can be caused due to the bad configuration of DNS or database corruption in the Metabase. This issue can be rectified by using the utility known as Mail Flow Troubleshooter tool. This is developed by the Microsoft for finding the root cause of a problem.
  • Connectivity Problem in Exchange Server: There might be several issues whenever connecting an Outlook with the Exchange. Microsoft has been provided the Remote Connectivity Analyzer, which helps to troubleshoot this kind of errors and issues. It performs a group of test series to determine the main reason behind this issue.
  • Exchange Server Error Code 450 4.7.1: This type of error is encountered when a user will send a message and it is discarded through the Exchange server. This error code 450 indicates that the exchange server tries to identify the mail address from where the email was sent by performing the reverse lookup operation and if the server has got failed to find the reverse hostname and address, this error code will be returned.
  • Unavailability of Exchange Server: This error generates when the Microsoft Outlook operation becomes failed. There are multiple reasons behind this issue. Basically, this issue is occurred due to a partial setup of MS Outlook or may be corrupted Outlook .pst files. Therefore, users can use an Inbuilt tool like Inbox Repair tool or scanpst.exe to repair corrupted PST file. Furthermore, Outlook can be re-installed properly to avoid such type of errors.
  • Corruption in the Exchange Database: EDB file is a heart of an Exchange server. The complete process of communication of Exchange server relies on EDB data file. If something happens wrong with the database then, the entire communication process become down. So, in the case of data corruption, it is highly recommended two inbuilt solutions like Istinteg and Eseutil with Powershell commands for resolving the corruption issue.
  • Exchange Server Error Code 1018: This type of error is generally encountered when there is corruption in the Exchange Database. At some time the main components such as header, leaf pages, and catalogs of the .edb file have got corrupted. Users must have to recover the EDB database file to remove this sort of issues. Moreover, Istinteg and Eseutil commands can be used in case of corruption as well.
  • Connection to be Dropped During Transmission: In the Exchange when users are trying to send an email message, an error message pops-up saying that the “the connection was dropped during the transmission”. This error occurs due to internet connectivity issue, which is caused by the router. To get rid of such error, users must have to test the router device too.

Well, all these solutions will help to overcome the most common Exchange issues. Users can follow up any given approach for resolving such errors related to Exchange Server.

Automated Solution to Fix Common Exchange Server Issues

Sometimes, errors can not be resolved through the above-stated solutions. Then, one can take help of the third party tool like SysTool Exchange Recovery which helps to repair corrupt EDB file in an efficient way.

Bottom Line

Microsoft Exchange is basically one of the most secure communication platform, which has been used for the professional purpose. Along with, most common Exchange Server errors have been discussed. Moreover, we have explained all possible resolutions related to Exchange Server as well. Else, users can go for an alternate solution named as Exchange Recovery. This will help to repair the corrupt .edb database files quickly.