Is it time to declare anarchy of sorts by taking our hard earned money from the bank and stuffing it in our mattresses? Today, more and more banks are being targeted by cyber crimnals and there is no end in sight.Hiding Money in a Mattress

You can bet that Citibank is now back peddling because of their recent attack by a group of hackers that resulted in a loss of Personally Identifiable Information for more 200,000 customers. They say it only affected 1% of all its customers and only customers’ names, account numbers, contact details and email addresses were stolen in this breach. I feel better already, NOT! Even one person is too much, but 200,000, come on!

I dislike it when big corporations play down the significant of this attack. I also think Citibank is holding back the truth. Citibank is the world’s largest credit card provider (150,000,000) worldwide. This means that at least 1.5 million customer accounts were compromised. Do the math – 1 percentage of 150 million. You would think a bank would get the math right.

I wouldn’t feel to secure being a customer at Citibank right now. The security hole was found during routine checking in early May. If this is the case, why did the bank wait so long to inform its customers? A communication should have been sent immediately after the assessment of the breach. It looks as though Citibank was covering it up so that the press didn’t get wind of this breach.

It makes me wonder how safe my information and money is in this day and age. One day, and soon, we all may be stuffing our money in our mattresses.