CherryPal Mini-desktop Saves on Power

by on 07/21/2008 in Computers, Hardware

CherryPal is a new Linux-based mini-desktop that saves on power, but lacks on performance which may lead to some concerns.

The CherryPal “cloud computer,” announced on Monday, which looks more like a thin client, uses only 2 watts of power at maximum usage, 97 percent less than typical desktops, the company claimed.

There’s a trade off with the low power consumption and that’s performance, said Michael Kanellos, senior analyst with GreenTech Media. It is best used as a secondary home desktop for basic Internet and productivity applications, but other than that, it serves limited purpose, Kanellos said.

Priced at US$249, the system includes a Freescale processor running at 400MHz, 256M bytes of RAM and 4G bytes of internal flash storage. It comes with the OpenOffice suite and the Firefox Web browser. By comparison, Asus Eee PC mini-notebooks have at least an 800GHz Intel Celeron processor, 512M bytes of RAM and 2G bytes of flash storage for about $300.

Users have the option to store data online, a concept known as “cloud” storage, and access it from any device, including mobile phones. Online storage capacity of 50G bytes will be provided at no extra cost, according to the company.

The system weighs 0.66 pounds (0.3 kilograms) and runs an embedded version of Debian Linux. It will not come with Windows, according to the company. It doesn’t include a monitor or keyboard.

9 Responses to “CherryPal Mini-desktop Saves on Power”

  1. Curt

    Jul 21st, 2008

    Sounds too limited to me to be much of a marketing success!

  2. Allure

    Jul 21st, 2008

    I do not think that the Cherrypal would be a success in terms of being bought and used by the public. a 3G cellphone could do more than a cherrypal can.

  3. Haspel

    Jul 21st, 2008

    Seems like a very nice concept but the features are rather limited for now.Another great find TJ :)

  4. Frank J

    Jul 21st, 2008

    Haspel – So true it’s limited when it comes to performance and for that rpice I would pay another $100 for a bit more speed.

  5. coolnews

    Jul 21st, 2008

    seems like a good device..
    less power than typical desktops..
    i will get more information about this..

  6. Frank J

    Jul 21st, 2008

    coolnews – Welcome and thank you for the input!

  7. cuekriz

    Jul 21st, 2008

    yeah limited… maybe can upgrade or overclock for performence… for basic internet ehm… ok but for games or multimedia ? hehehehe maybe no

  8. Cindy

    Jul 30th, 2008

    Check it out and get your own hands on a cherrypal! Come to for the lean, mean, green computing machine. Soon you can get a discount code for getting your own CherryPal as well as an education in green computing.

  9. solmn

    Aug 8th, 2008

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