Cheap Flights Phishing Scam

by on 03/29/2012 in Scams & Hoaxes, Security

There’s an email claiming to offer cheap flights just in time for spring break. The link inside the email redirects users to a malicious web site that steals personal identifiable information to be used for illegal activities including, but not limited to identity theft.

The web site may contain embedded code that installs a Trojan without the user’s knowledge or consent. Many of these drive-by infections install bogus (rogue) security programs that report false threats on a computer. This is a popular scam to get people to pay for the full license of the fake security program in order to remove the false threats.

Actual Email

Cheap Flights Phishing Scam

If you receive an email like the one above, you should mark as spam and delete it. Don’t click on any links inside the email or you will put yourself at risk of infecting your computer.

The domain is listed on several blacklists, including Spacequad AntiSpam Services.

The domain also has a poor reputation by the Web of Trust community. To view the score card rating details at WOT, visit the link below.

2 Responses to “Cheap Flights Phishing Scam”

  1. Hey Frank,
    These are persistant spammers that I’ve detected and commented
    on WOT in February with this : “Notorious spammers with the
    intention to do phishing after P.I.I.
    Stay away and delete the spam unopened”
    They must be sending all kinds of spam, bcoz I haven’t seen your example with the cheap tickets offer yet.
    Any way : Good catch and very needed that you give attention to this.

    • Frank Jovine

      Apr 1st, 2012


      I’d have to write full time to catch all the spam that roams the net, but the few I do report on do make a difference. Thanks!